Need help, is this a serious problem?

I’m on day 25 of nofap and today , when I sit on my bed folded legs and when I got up I feel that something is going to release from my penis it’s the same feeling when I masturbate and its come out , this thing happend 3-4 times today …

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I think it may be an involuntary ejaculation or just the contraction of the penis for it. Some time ago I had something similar, but still when I was in bed. Maybe you were going to have a nightfall and your body didn’t was relaxed or prepared for that.

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I’m also thinking that it will release in nightfall …

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TRANSMUTATE YOUR SEXUAL ENERGY into Workout or some Productive Work.


Drink a lot of water , It will be ok then . It happened with me also .

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  1. drink a lot of water.
  2. take proper sleep.
  3. don’t make emotional attachment with anyone.
  4. I think this is heat of your body so you can take bath in the morning at 7 ,8 am.

Thanks bro I will implement this…

Thankyou bro it will be helpful to keep body hydrated as well its summer time…

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Bro Iam sorry. I have never experienced this and have no idea about . Experienced ones can share some info here.

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It’s ok bro don’t say sorry…

Thanks bro I will implement this advice…

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