Need help guys plz

I started nofap from 6 months but constantly relapse. I feel I should suicide. Plz give me some advice

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Hey brother dont give up
We are all here with you

Keep fighting.
I know it takes time for us to see the change but i assure you that your life will be so much better.

There maybe an error in your strategies that you are following for nofap.

Read forums and get to know more about how nofap works and apply them.

I pray that you will be successful in defeating pmo

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Positive thoughts or negative thoughts are just state of mind and very temporary. Remember. Thoughts and emotions are situations of life not life. You should Never take any permanent decision from temporary thoughts and emotions.

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If you are failing since 6months. Then there is something wrong. May your information or your actions. Failing is what.? Your plan (information) was not right or your action is not ok.

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Why did you relaps? Try to identify the trigger.
Was it Instagram, Netflix, etc? Uninstall such apps.

Are you doing meditation? Are you working out?
Do them for atleast one hour daily.

Why did you start ? What made you do it?
Keep them in mind next tine you feel like pmo.

Install porn blocker apps on mobile, pc, etc.
Or use dns to block then in your wifi router.

Have a accountability partner. It really helps.

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Also have a look at this thread.

Brother …see you have the courage to attempt suicide…and lesser courage is required to stop pmo…

Watch some videos…
Read some books…no pmo related.
Do your brainwashing…
Make some companions…
Give time to your hobbies…
Become social…
Do worship and meditation…
Do physical activities…

And finally
Never give up…

And soon you’ll be free


Brother , ur mom and dad gave u birth , so u should do suicide and that also for what a thing that’s not real at all …see ur stats in this app when u relapse most , and analyze

Suicide is never an option to any thing , think abt your parents after that … So plz think carefully…


Well, friend as mentioned suicide is never an answer. If you fail in your attempt it just gives more stress and more worries.

People will view you different too. I haven’t done it myself, but I have encountered alot of people who cut themselves and they hide those cuts in the most uncomfortable of ways and you also be handled diffrently and people will say you are [email protected]&!& up and will never know to make a joke or won’t take you seriously. Basically all relationships will be equally shitty.

Suicide isn’t a joke depression is also not. Talk to a psychologist is the way to go! Take it day by day and build your thoughts up into positive ways.

You can beat Nofap, but it costs retries and effort to finally know what to do on this journey.

The saddest thing you’ll never get to see should you kill yourself is what your life could be like.

For example having kids, having that dream job, having that house you always imagined to have.

And also you forget what you have now, friends, family, a new day =new opportunities. The sky and all the beauty in the world. The stars, the rain, the sun the flowers etc. Be greatful what you’ve got it is part of the journey to improve oneself, but never forget what you have and what you can achieve. Leave the past behind as it isn’t necessary to hold on to it. Sure it made you what you are, but that can change too! The only thing you can keep is your Ideals, morales and identity from the past!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome

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Bro how will suicide solve your PMO problem. I’m genuinely curious …


Remember that when you want to suicide, then that means you are giving up.

Suicide is for losers not winners.




You’ve been on this journey for 6months right.
So i think you must have already figured out that which plan has failed and where is the source of your problem.

Remember, you have a better chance at beating this, when you know every part of your problem, and and why you are addicted to pmo.

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