Need help (Gay problems)

@JonSnow001 agree with you !! Except that trick part !!! It may create illusion , and yes he only know !! The answer lies in him only ,

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His case is different. From his childhood, many gay people indirectly approached him for sex and in school( 11th standard ) he had sex with his friend many times and he is bottom usually. Watch mostly gay porn only. He said he is attracted to girls also but to boys more. I ask to try that trick part. Thanks brother.

Thanks bro. Its influence by almost everything…sleepless sex chats,gay porn,sex with a guy. He said he is attracted to girls also but boys more. So I suggested him to find the attractive girl for yourself and marry her

Getting married is not solutions , what if after marriage he is not interested in partner , he will endup runing his partner and his life
@JonSnow001 ,what do you think bro ??

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Attractive one right?.. then what’s the problem?

No bro… Tell him to live his life however he wants. Be with whomever he wants. Not forcing himself to be with someone else. Like @sandey said, if he forces himself to marry a girl and end up wanting guys more, he may cheat on her, or else unhappy for not being himself and at any cost and the girl wont be happy too… Marriage is not for pretending. I understand he likes women too, same as men but the Choice between them needs to be his, and he should be sure. Not because society makes that choice…


As we live in tamilnadu there is no chance for him to marry a guy. As he have big family, he have no option other than marrying a girl. Whatever we may talk here, his family,society is surely going to take him there.

Trust me when I say this. In life, happiness is the most important along with things being our choice. So, he has to fight for himself. Because it’s his next 60 or so years… He has to do it his way… Otherwise, he ends up regretting… And regret makes people fall hard… Its better to make others angry than choosing their will… One day, they are going to accept. But whats more important is, he has to be alright with himself.

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Thanks bro. It’s not me who has to decide, its him. I already said him this point but he never responded in a positive way rather just complain. We cannot do anything in the end it’s all his decision.

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I think he should not stress upon it. Sexuality is just a small part of our lives and also. If he is not satisfied with his feminine behaviour he might join grooming classes and nobody can do anything about to whom he is attracted to. It is ok to be gay. Ask him if he love someone. Parents might not allow but then he has three options either fight for him and his partner or lead secret life with his partner without marrying a woman or give up on his partner and stay single for life. Sex is not important if u have a higher purpose and he is not lonely as he has a friend like you. But he should not marry a woman until he is sure that he won’t regret it. Maybe he should give more time to himself to recognise and explore himself in a proper way. Atlast he is the one who needs to decide because his happiness is in his hands, parents may deny him but he should be with himself.

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