Need help from high streaks

Hello guys,

I want advice from guys with big streaks, I mean - how do you do it? It seems that I tried everything I could - took up sports, tried socialising heavily, taking various vitamins, being more outside in fresh air, doing morning-evening routines, exercises, yoga, meditation, even one time set up cameras in my room to feel ashamed. But all it was for nothing. I had some pretty good streaks - 30 or 40 days, but I always fail. I don’t know what to do anymore, what to try. I think I should tell about this problem to my family, but I reeeally don’t know how would they react - but I know that I can’t do this anymore. Those who have big streaks: do you still have big urges? how do you fight them? Maybe with bigger streak urges become slightly less powerful?

I really don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t want to sound hysteric or something but I want something new that I could try because I don’t think I will be able to get out of this without any external help.

One thing I can think of is - army. I could join as a recruit and there I would always be under a scope and I think there would be zero chance for me to slip, but I have a wonderfull job and colleagues that I don’t want to lose - that’s a problem.

Homewer, if someones shares their main keys how they succeded - I would be very thankful.

Sorry for my English, not a native speaker.

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Hi there, you seem like a serious fellow. I’ll give you a nice tip. Lust is often caused because of other negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger or anything that makes you lose your balance. Having a healthy routine is key and what your doing so far is important. But if you want to increase your control, deal with everything that displeases you in your life (negative relationships, self-esteem issues, anything…ect). Because lust often is a byproduct of an unfulfilled life and trying to fill it with a false sense of happiness (pmo)

My streak is 925 days on hardmode.


You say you tried everything in order to keep your mind busy. Well first that’s great because you’re trying tonfind new things you might like. As to the streak keeping I remember that when I was on my 160 days streak a trick I used was to let go of the urge and never try to fight it. I usually let down my phone laod down on my bed and think about my urge until it is gone maybe you should try it


In my first streak of 46 days , whenever I used to get urges I used to do edging. But somehow control myself from relapsing. It wasn’t a good idea since I used to get blue balls often …but it did one thing - I was training my brain not to relapse at any cost. So on my next streak , I stopped edging but I usually get peeks and triggering feeds in my timelines and I don’t need to hide from it. Instead my brain is already trained to ignore them easily. I can face them easily, I fully believe in myself that won’t relapse ever again. TRAIN YOUR MIND !
Current streak - 121 days