Need help fellas! Don't know what's wrong with me


Can’t go beyond 7 -10 days! Everytime, i know that I feel horrible after but I still do it. I know the benefits of semen retention, i have seen many first hand during my 120+ day streak few weeks ago, but can’t handle my emotions! I am sick of myself. Should i go see a therapist?


Maybe, but maybe you put too much emphasis on high streaks. Though of course it’s great to get high streaks, don’t allow failing make you fall further down the spiral. NoFap shouldn’t be just about getting a high streak, but rewiring the mind to be sharper and overcome destructive thinking.

I haven’t got a high streak yet, so take what I say with ‘a pinch of salt’.
I’m very very far from perfect.

At least, giving advise or trying to, helps me a lot. So always be on guard, and keep asking for help, seeking out the pros at this.
And please start sharing some of your advice with others.
We should have enough faith in each other, that people are smart enough to take advise or leave it.

I got rid of web blockers today, because they’ve caused more trouble than they’re worth.
Why the flip am I even using the Internet in the first place? I’ve compromised, lacked hope in my own strength.


Yes, I will try asking for help regularly from the awesome people here.

Can’t deal with this on my own, atleast for now


join FAPSTRONAUTS…Whatsapp group…Lot of supporting guys here…


I can’t go beyond a day, most within 12 hours. Be proud 7 days would be a miracle for me.