Need help fast On hardmode 90 days

Hey guys i am currently on my 90th day of nofap(hardcore mode),but on this specific"90" day whenever i am seeing any girl,i am getting hard man(like i can feel the blood rushing from there),i havent been on social media,no porn no nothing,but whenever i see a girl today,i am getting too hard in public man,i feel like i am gonna explode but i aint.

i know how to control tho,but still gimme some reasons for these man…

P.S=i am not having urges to wank off,its just my breath getting way too up and down whenever i am hard…Helllpp and give me some advices


You may have dealing with some withdrawal crisis because of your high streak. It’s important don’t let you mind be dispersed and paying attention to possible triggers.

Take a deep breath, stick to your purpose and think about how hard it was to get to where you are right now.

Do something that you like and spend your energy in something healthy. After that you’ll be much better in your fight man, stay on streak!


It should go in some days. It’s helpful to walk and not objectify women (if you are doing it, though I doubt you are since you’re on day 90). Walk and think about other things to reduce blood flow there.

It’s good that you are being turned on by real women. This is how it should be. Keep going!


thats the thing i dont understand,i dont objectify women since day 53rd(i kept track of every possible details)but still on 90th day I kept getting hard.

But the good news is i am on my day 91th and i am feeling more calm and consious,the day 90th for me was probably a withdrawal and a test day.

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thanks man,your reply helped me a lot,m gonna keep going on nofap,till forever

P.S=Today i am not feeling those urges,but shit i dont understand wth i was getting hard even tho i am not objectifying any women now😂

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