Need help...! facing ED

Folks, I am on 50th day of hard mode. I didn’t used to get morning erections during my pmo days. I started getting it gradually during hardmode (like once in few days). Now recently I started going to gym and my morning erections are again gone. From Almost a week my penis is like dead. I am scared what is it ??
Please explain me what am I going through.

Also, how can I make my reboot more effective. I am already doing yoga, gym and meditation. What else should I include in my daily routine for a faster recovery.


Recovery takes its time, your brain needs to unwire the mecanims that make you adict.
You are also going throug an abstinence syndrome (ussualy called flatline).
If you want to rewire fast, try to do as little as possible things that give you fake dopamine (videogames, tv, unhealthy food, etc).


I have stopped tasty food, video games and even TV but having flatline on day 50th is concerning me a lot

Bro everything is normal . Don’t take stress . If you will not think and watch dirty then how will your penis erect . You are ok and nothing happened to you .


Agreed bro, but a healthy guy must get morning erections and also few random erections in a day . I don’t get anything. Looks like my flatline is too long than others.

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I was also on faltline on day 59. Flatline depend upon your years of addiction and all . We are chronic and regular fapper . We have to wait atleast 90 days

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I also had faced it This is a phase. dont worry after this you will get rock splid erection. Keep doing PMO


*no PMO, you mean lol.

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Bro, I am on day 66 and still facing Ed. Some days morning wood is better, but other day it’s completely dead. So wait till day 90, it may take even more time. Some says it takes 6 months maybe a year. So just wait and don’t even try to edge by giving yourself excuse that you’re doing it just to check functioning of your genitals. Because this will make situation worse and it will take even more time to heal. Stay positive and you will be fine.

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Eat pomegranates…

Keep doing PMO and do exercise more you do cardio or strength exercise morr Testosteron body will produce.Earlier you will get erection. Keep watermelon,almonds,eggs in your daily diet. Dont worry you will get fine