Need help examination

Guys, when i am on nofap, i cant focus on studying for my exams cuz the urge is too strong. Can you give me some ways for me to concentrate studying while on nofap? I dont want to fail exams but i also dont want to fail on nofap

Tere se nahi hoga bhai… tu mutthi mar ke so ja…
Abe laudo nahi… Sale kam tera… fayda tera… phir karta kyon nahi… yaha kyon time waste kar raha hain… jakar padh le… ja jaldi kar…

I really know this problem
I always used to watch porn during learning for exams since it helped me concentrating.

I personally think that exams are more important than nofap. Also the exams typically are during 3 weeks or so and are an important time of your life. Nofap is a long journey, it doesn’t matter too much if you relapse now and then restart after the exams.
What I did for my last exams was, that when the urge to fap came or when I wasn’t able to concentrate anymore, I just did it straight (going to the bath, faping, and in 30 seconds everything was over. No porn, no edging!) it gave me no pleasure but removed the urge and I was able to concentrate again afterwards.
I allowed myself this once a day when my concentration failed the most.

During the next exam period you will be much stronger! You will have 6 months to prepare your mind and learn how to live without fapping


@neveragaintw I totally disagree with you. The problem here is the addiction for fap. @iloveharambe322 stay strong, it will come a time when you will not feel these urges anymore. Your brain has an addiction and then you need to heal him. Think about it: your life is really productive when you stay all the day searching pornography and fapping? You need to discover yourself in the NoFap journey, then you will discover it all. And you will be thankful for not allowing yourself to be mistaken.

yea but if you are on the beginning of your journey it will take a lot of power and also you won’t be able to concentrate at all.
i then asked myself is it really worth writing bad exams?
it probably won’t work if he used to fap and come multiple times a day. in my case i used to fap and watch porn during the whole day. i basically edged from morning till evening.
so just a quick fap once a day is already a huge improvement and you are able to concentrate.

and of course it is only a worst case solution which you can’t make for more the 2-3 weeks. it’s not a strategy to cure the addiction. it is one to go half unharmed through the exam period.
Also, the exams are now, so it doesn’t really help to know that there will be a time when it will get better. He needs to perform right now.

In my opinion in nofap I feel more concentration and I can memorize information easily. The opposite happens after a relapse … I suggest cold shower or exerciseing for 5 mins when you feel the urges are increasing .

i guess we need some more information from @iloveharambe322
when are you fapping? how often? when do you feel like you can concentrate? during fapping or afterwards? how long have you been on this journey? can you relate to any of the comments above?