Need help! cant stop!


hallo guys,
i need help…
soo now i am in no fap 35days … i was in nofap 56days…
my problem is … i cant stop go hangout in nightclub… i cant stop go flirt with girl… its big problem for mee… because i have job of my dream… soo every time when i am in no fap i want party i want flert. . its big problem and i cant stop…
and one thing i am slavs …


I don’t see what the problem is. If you have the job of your dreams and everything is well, why not have fun?

For majority of us pmo is an impairment for success. Most of us have crappy jobs, a hard time at school etc., due to this habit.

But to answer your question, is all up to you. YOU have to show your will power. Change your hobbies to more fruitful ones. It is ALL up to YOU.

Congrats on your current streak.


Nightclub is forbidden for you , because triggers , if you want fun find others thins to havê fun , if you want flert , arrange a girlfriend with the intention of marry, not intention to use her but to love her , sex is only in the context of marriage , this is how the evil is overcome , keep strong! 35 days is a great progress to tha final victory!


Yes guys i understand both of you, i practic nofap almost 3years and i can tell you that i can feel power trough all my body, and when i am on job i work like machine, when i go in nightclub i feel like no one cant stop me to flert with girls …almost every time when i am in nighclub i meet new girls and when i go home after nightclub i feel sad… nofap was change my life from the base… its incredibly…
thanks you guys for support … sorry for bad english …