Need Hair care tips

I searched on Internet for a while and now I am literally so confused.
What oil and shampoo should I use? And at what amount? Should I use soap on the days I don’t do Shampoo?
I am thinking to use parchute coconut oil or keo karpin and Patanjali Shampoo.
If you have other suggestions, Please tell me and try to pick the one which are easily available in Indian market. I am currently 16 yrs old.


Well I use beardo shampoo … It makes your hair silky and apply coconut oil also in the hair .


I am an Indian and according to Indian culture, it is as follows

Monday - oil
Tuesday- Shampoo
Wednesday- nothing
Thursday- oil
Friday - nothing
Saturday and Sunday- oil

You can use any shampoo or oil you like

By following this system, according to Indian culture it maintains the ph required for the healthy hair. Hope it helps


It depends on what are you trying to achieve. Do you want your hair to grow faster it get rid of dandruff or dry scalp or prevent split ends or prevent hair loss or refuse hair breakage or just keeping it clean?


Never use soap on your hair. Ever. If you have dirty or sweaty scalp just use shampoo. That’s what it was made for. Just make sure you condition your hair afterwards. You can use a conditioner or just apply coconut oil after shampooing


What? No. When it comes to shampoo, use something with enough protein. Don’t buy shit shampoo that will leave your hair rough. Use something that’s not that harsh on your hair. Himalaya has good shampoos. Also buy the shampoo according to your needs. Like anti dandruff or anti hair fall. You can also use sunsilk or garnear if you can afford it.

When it comes to oil, use coconut oil. It’s cheap and best. And it’s traditionally used for hair care. Don’t be dumb and use cooking oils just because he said use any oil. Sunflower, vegetable, olive oil all are used for cooking. Don’t use it on your hair. Coconut oil is best. You can also use Argan oil if you can afford it


Brother, try eating things that are very rich in vitamin c, amla juice, amla chutney amla candy, make amla a part of your life, eat many fruits that are full of vitamin c. Your hairs will impreove in quality and quantity in time. As for the shampoo, use the one which has bringraj and neem in it, you may find one at an ayurvedic or somewhere they sell organic products. I will get back to you for oil as I am not sure about which oil will be best.


Yes you are right. One should have a good choice when it comes in selection of shampoos. Earlier I used to have hair fall problems but later it reduced regardless of which shampoo I used. That’s why I texted like that

I don’t have any problem. I just want to keep them good. I think it will be better if I start caring them in early stages to avoid future problems.

Like if I shampoo two days in a week , What should I do rest of the days ? Just pour some water to keep the good? Currently I am shampooing daily, And I know that’s too bad.

I am using sunsilksunsilk

Thanks , I will use coconut oil now

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Use Baali hair care herbal shampoos, they are very nice(personal experience) You can check the reviews also on their site, they do home delivery of their products.

It’s just simple bro,
First learn about Ur scalp and hair,
Is it rough/dry or is it normal
According to that I can suggest u shampoo and for oil, it depends where in India u live. And never buy commercial oil try making cocunut oil at home, it’s the best.
And never ever shampoo everyday , it’s the worst thing u can ever do to Ur hair.
Just shampoo 1 or 2 times , it’s more than enough.
And for shampoo u can choose between Liquid and powder ones and try Ayurvedic and full natural ones and by Ayurvedic I don’t mean patanjali products, they r just ruining the name of ayurveda.and u can try watching a utuber called
FITTUBER , he gives gud suggestion.
And the most important thing- eat well ,simple and clean.


Hey brother, i am currently using Mamaearth onion shampoo , actually i am using it since 1.5 years . It’s totally chemical free . Try to stick with only one shampoo(chemical free) , don’t use shampoos having sls(sodium laureth sulphate) , sulfates and fragrance and Mamaearth don’t have any chemicals.

Patanjali and parachute are best i used it, no chemicals, don’t use oils having mineral oils and fragrances,try to apply warm oil (not hot oil , and it’s myth that by applying warm oil your hairs will turn grey and white i am also doing this since last 2-3 years and nothing happened to me). Try different natural oils like onion oil, argan oil, mustard (I think this oil might be in your kitchen). Don’t worry about brands you can go for Mamaearth and Wow’s oil. Check the ingredients of every product that you use or going to use .

Here comes my routine
Tuesday :- oiling
Wednesday :- Shampoo
Saturday :- hair mask of curd + lemon (sometimes i skip these two because of it’s unavailability at my home) + Aloevera + coconut oil + honey apply it for 30 minutes to 1 hour (also apply it on your scalp) and then shampoo.

One more thing always apply oil before shampooing.

I haven’t tried any conditioner yet because you should only apply it on your hairs not on scalp, ( roots) but, intead of it i use aloevera and a bit of coconut oil (around 3-5 drops) as a conditioner after shampooing and if you apply conditioner you should wait for 3-5 minutes before washing with water . At that time my hair was of medium length.

And one more thing don’t take too much stress , have a good diet and do workout and include balayam and sirshaasan (you can search these on YouTube) . Keep following nofap, there are many people here who got thick hairs after doing nofap.

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Yeah right buddy :wink:, i am following vivek sir since 2 years. I was about to suggest him this channel but you already suggested him.

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Bro, I want more insights about this product. You have been using it for so long, How was it. I was thinking of ordering one. Onion is good for hair quality I have heard it from many people.

About my hair -
I have been using coconut oil (paracute aloe vera coconut oil, it’s the best for my hair type so far till now) I don’t oil my hair so regularly, It’s like Once in two week or twice in two weeks. My hair got way more thin and rough After I started doing PMO on regular basis. And I too faced hair fall. It was so often. I used a serum. It did wonder it stopped my hair breakage. But still now, My hair is rough and sometimes breaks. So, I too need to take care of my hair. I use Tresseme Hair defense Shampoo,it stops hair breakage significantly, it worked for me at least :sweat_smile:And When I was in junior classes, I applied soap everyday on my hair. :man_facepalming::expressionless::sweat_smile: Because everyone told not to use shampoo everyday.
Also, I do have dandruff recently. So, I applied lemon on my scalp. It got less but not completely removed.

Any advice to get thick and smooth hair would be appreciated :star2::beers::sweat_smile:


@rewire_user bhai just to answer this i was thinking about this whole day that’s i am replying late, sorry for that.

Here’s my honest review on Mamaearth onion shampoo (sponsored i got 6 rupees to promote this :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:, just kidding)

I ordered it in april or may (2020)and i used it’s 2 bottles, will open 3rd one tomorrow , i love this shampoo it has no artificial fragrance, no sls, no paraben, no alcohol simply it doesn’t have harsh chemicals. I used many shampoos, like oriental botanics but it contained fragrance and then i used arata it was good but it wasn’t able to remove my dandruff. So i switched to Mamaearth onion shampoo(it smells good). My hair is dry and after every 2-3 days dandruff start to build up on my head that’s why i wash my hair with shampoo after applying oil. My hair becomes really soft and silky because of this i can’t add volume to my hair , during the next day i get (almost) my volume back.This shampoo also removes dandruff (almost, but it comes back every 3 days) . But it’s ok to clean hairs every 3 days, and rest of the days i use cold water to wash it . I still remember when I was in 5th i used to jump into the hot shower(really hot) :man_facepalming: , because i thought this will kill germs :sweat_smile:, after i knew that this is bad i am having cold showers (even in winters).

My hair started to fall this year because i used to do pmo everday almost twice but i am not facing hairfall anymore cause i am ‘ganjaa’ now


, i shaved and trimmed my hair almost 6 times since 22nd may :sweat_smile: , just because many says ‘’ you will have thick hair after shaving your head" , this might improved my hair, but i don’t see any hairfall now ( i am growing my hair from mid of june,i have almost 3-4 cm long hairs now ) , i think hairfall was because of stress caused by excessive pmo.

I also did the same till my 5th class :joy::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Sure buddy

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Noice Man, I too once got bald due to hair breakage. But Now I am hoping to better my hair from inside. I am 1000% sure :100::fire: That Nofap can improve hair quality. I have experienced it myself I remember On Day 18. When I touched my hair. I have never felt that sensation before. Also, I had the energy to improve my life all over. Let’s do this brother. :muscle::fire: Let’s take back what this PMO stole from us. :wink::beers:

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Are you Thugesh :joy:???

Nope :laughing:

I watched his video for the first time in December 2020,he is a good creator

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Right bro,i agreee

Hope this will also work for me .