Need guidance, how to avoid relapsing?

Keep on relapsing near 15 days streak … Any suggestions?

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first of all
you should ve firm belief that pmo is a bad thing ,it has destriyed you ,its all fake.
it starts from your head.
you should remain busy
for remaining busy you can do following activities
1-read books
3-studies if yiu are student
5-avoid junk
6-eat less
7-sleep less
8-dont lie at one place during day hours,just use bed during sleep hours
9-dont use phone before sleeping
10- limit your daily phone usage
11-dont surf unnecessary internet,just use internet for study purpose or something very important
12-nostalgia(remember your beautiful past days &also remember how you got trapped in pmo )
13-imagine your life without pmo
14-not every blocker completely works ,it just starts from your head
15-write daily journal or dairy in this app
16-add some person as companion &talk to that person daily who is also doing nofap
17-go outside,dont stay at home all the time
18-remember daily ,WHY YOU STARTED bcz at 15 day we usually forget why we started .
19-try to become social
20-find some hobby