Need companions


I’m on day 13.
Restarting this journey after relapsing (new year resolution). Lesson well learned.
Need some accountability partners.
Sharing code -
Current streak - 13 days
Highest streak - 40 days
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - IND


097949 is my NF companion code.
18 y/o and depressed because of porn and masturbation.
Wanna change myself!

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We have your back
Just do this

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Join My League of Champions
My code 971ff5.

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Add me my code is ad7870

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Add me as well : 165d31


I’m 21 and restarting the journey after 2 years clean, and could use some guys who know what it’s like f59cadis my share code.

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Add me too my sharing code is- 9787da

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add me my sharing code 9ddeb0

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