Need companions for the journey

Sharing code - fo1x2a

Current streak - 2 days
Highest streak - 18 days
Age - 22
Gender - M
Location - India

Why I want a companion -
After some point I lose motivation and end up relapsing . I am trying for hard mode and reach a stage where there will be no thought of relapse and the streak will go on increasing. Edging is a big problem for me. I am tired of relapsing and sometimes I think are there any real benefits or not. whether I will be able to quit pmo? I read the journey is easier with the community or like minded people. Hoping for support and help.

hey brother,
as you(@Shaktiman_007) came in forum that means we should become fearless… we dont have to worry about anything (just joking :wink: )… as Shaktimaan help others we’ll help you in same way…

PM me if you have any problem; if i can help you…

Thank u for the support bro. I will pm you if I need some help.

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Hey brother. Highest streak 217 days
Day 6 currently
Would love to help you brother
Male 20.
Sharing code : 7xz5ve

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Welcome to this community. You can do this man. Motivation can be a big problem in this journey. I suggest you read some of diary/journal entries from this forum. It will keep you motivated. Also the android app sends you motivational quote every one-two hour. So I would suggest you to downloading app.

If you want help, you can add me as companion.
Code- i2l49t

Thank u for the support guys

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