Need companion on the road to first 10 days

Sharing code - hmf9bc

Current streak - 18 hrs
Highest streak - 12 days
Age - 26
Gender - M
Location - EU

Why I want a companion - I relapsed recently and need support on the to road to “first ten”. I’m creator of Back to Basics 2 contest and your support will boost me a to quickly come back to good shape and reenter part 2 of the challenge.

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Hi, do I just need to add you to the companion list or do I do anything else?

Im here for you man!
Add me: 65feff
It seems your code is wrong, send it again.

Please share your own code, so I could add you too!

Alright, code: an3hm2

I have added myself just fine. It looks okay.

@Danud Added.

@Danud You can also join our contest

Its my 9 daaaaaayyyyy… tomorrow is my first and last 10 day. I would never relapse and touch 10 days again…

btw its invalid code…

@anon15901281 @arthur89 Alright fixed

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If you still need companion I will be glad to help you
Sharing code: b5m3hr

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Hi, I’m also from EU.
You can add me: cv4tpd
Highest streak is sth above 60days but for now,
It’s my second day, Age: 26. M.
I have a too long history with this.

Hey you can add me too
@Danud @weir

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I’m longtime spectator of your progress @weir :wink:
@rocendroll Added!


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