Need companion for nofap

Hi i from india , tried many times no fap but i relapsed
This is my first time trying no fap in this app
Hoping to continue this time
Need a companion

Sharing code - yoowkh

Current streak - 1 days *
Highest streak - 1 days *
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - INDIA

Why I want a companion - i hope it’s best to start a journey with a friend rather alone


@atimaharathi how seriously you treat this journey? What will you do when times of urges come?

Well i usually get urges after 4-5 days of starting no fap
Possible way staying away from urges is keeping me busy so I have decided to complete a book in a week


Do you want to leave it forever?

Yeah i want to leave it forever

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@atimaharathi ok, so you know that this time you will have to let the urges pass and maintain the streak :smiley: remember this is not kind of party who relapses more :joy: I can be your accountability partner but you have to treat this journey as serious as I. No relapsing bro! Do you want to start it?

yray22 my code


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