Need answers on some symptoms

Disclaimer: I know none of you are medical professionals. I’m not seeking health advice. I just wanna know if others have felt similar dealing with this.

Recently I’ve been relapsing a lot. One day I relapsed a good four times though and decided to lift some free weights that night and ended up with a bulging pulse and weak arms and hands. Since then I’ve experienced discomfort on the left side of my neck, tingling in my head and feet, weakness and discomfort in my hands and arms, occasional dizziness and hazy vision and nausea, wrist pain and discomfort, stomach pain, and facial tingles and discomfort. I wanted to know if anyone has experienced similar symptoms after excessive masturbation. The symptoms usually get worse after I binge. They really trigger my health anxiety. I’ve been afraid of it maybe being diabetes or something. Despite me being a very sedentary person I do workout and walk sometimes. And I’m not overweight or anything. I’m hoping it’s just maybe something caused by masturbation and not that my sedentary life is catching up with me. Please let me know if you’ve felt similar things. Thanks a bunch.

Look masterbation excessively can cause weakness in our bodies becuase we waste a lot of different types of nutrients. So stop it right now, start eating healthy food hope you will recover. But if it doesn’t work then have an appointment with your a doctor.

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There is no healthy food in the house and when I exercise my head beings to feel weird and the left side of my neck starts feeling more weird. I may see if i can see a doctor.

It did turn out to be a result of pmo. I felt it getting better after a good rest but after relapsing several times today some of the symptoms returned while others are kind of fading.

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