Need advice, random chat, hands off

Hey guys I’ve been on this app for a year. My problem is lately I can’t keep my hands off myself, and can’t seem to stay away from random chat websites. And I keep fantasizing and having sexual thoughts.

What changed? My life is constant change, huge changes happened in my life since last year.

The latest, I dropped university and going to psychotherapist, this means I’m spending alot of time at house, with my parents. Not socializing in rl with people my age. And therapy is bringing up alot of anger toward my parents, I can’t open up to them, we don’t get each other much, there is tention.

I tried to quit social media, but failed, I don’t like blockers, doesn’t seem like a solution, but forcing myself.

I’ve been trying to understand my problem for a month, I think right now I’m doing no fap for the wrong reasons, I’m not as convinced as I was.

to be honest if I ask myself why I’m doing it, it’s because people around don’t like gays, so I was trying to eliminate part of myself.

Then I realized if I’m doing it I should do it because I want to get better not cause of that,
Even I quit all sexual stuff for life, I won’t be happy if I keep hiding myself from people.

Even if I quit, I want to feel comfortable telling people about my orientations, if I quit I want to do it for more convincing cause ,not because I’m gay.

I’m really struggling with not touching myself, and with random chat websites, were things escalate from there.

Any advice is appreciated :pray:


As you are a electrical engineer, you must have some goal in your life. You also want to be a successful person. As far as I understand life, there is only one way to happiness and that is hard work. All I would say is that whatever your goal is, throw yourself completely into it. You came alone in this world and have to go alone. Make best one relation with your family.

One last thing - no one can understand your situation better than you. Think carefully about what you have to do now. Take a decision and work on it.

Sorry for English mistakes if any. (I am from India my English is very weak and use transalator for this.)


Bro, it’s not about “gay thing” if you do masturbation it’s totally fine .
But then why people here are struggling for maintaining their “NO FAP”
coz for me it’s addiction (as addictive as drugs, smoking)
And by overcoming masturbation we learn good discipline Which enriches our life

If your addicted to porn and doesn’t think anything else beyond sex ,sensual,sexual things every day
You are wasting your life , energy,time , relationship

by accepting your PMO addiction you’re

accepting your situation ,if you don’t believe me
Just hold control for 21 days and see the change
If you don’t keep looking for better roads


You yourself admit that this is a problem somewhere.

If ever the situation is out of control, get out of the house and take a long walk in the park at least 10 minutes.

Introspect your decisions
At end of the day Does it worth your time, efforts Most importantly mental piece ?
Does it allign to your goals ?

if your still feel like doing it after reaching home , then just do your thing

and if you don’t like it doing now, congratulations you are more disciplined , less addicted, and more independent from your habits
As far as your self-control goes, as far goes your freedom.

Now after doing all this you think do you have an answer?


Discipline for me is about respect , it’s not even about self respect , it’s about respect for life and all it’s offers "


As far as your self-control goes, as far goes your freedom.


Don’t abuse your mental state , self respect for your fails regarding PMO
It’s fine brother we all here fail that’s good part of journey too
With every time I fail i give myself a treat for holding and hustling so long and to start again


I’ve been there. I just kept slipping up because I didn’t care any more. The term slip didn’t even matter because I wasn’t slipping, I had hit rock bottom. Here’s what I did: I figured out why I started, for me it’s Jesus. I started because I knew what I was doing was wrong, but where I went wrong is I strayed from that. My relationship with Jesus was testy and I became lukewarm. Find your way back to why you started and build a foundation.

Honest time: I struggle with liking homosexuals. I don’t agree with that lifestyle, but I would never come near being mean to you about it. I’ve been mean to people about it and I regret it because now I’ve probably pushed them as far away from God as possible. People are mean, ok? But the way they see you shouldn’t affect anything. Because the social opinion doesn’t matter, not even a little. What does matter is what you think and what God thinks.

I don’t like them either. I think they’re inefficient and there’s always a way to find porn. Only delaying the inevitable. There’s porn everywhere and the point of a NoPMO lifestyle is to learn how to embrace it and move on because this isn’t something you need. Running from it for all your life will only make it hurt more when it finds you again.

At the end of the day it’s up to you and your choices. Do you want to quit? Idk that’s your choice. You’ve got this man. God Bless!!!


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