Need advice (pain in legs)

Hello everyone! I’m on day 4 of no fap. I’m feeling like my urges decreased and a bit more calm. But from last day, I’m suffering from severe pain in both legs. Is it due to no fap? Please help me


Hello @Kun12, welcome to the community. I’ll explain what is going on.

First of all you need to know that PMO (how we refer to pn, fap and orsm) damages body and brain. After knowing this now you need to know that many people start to feel this damage when some years of addiction passed. But for many others, they won’t even feel this symptoms till they stop fapping. Why is this?

First of all you need to understand that is normal. This are called withdrawal symptoms, and will appear as you start to reboot. They will increase, and by the time they’ll decrease till they disapear. But then, why the heck I’m doing nofap? it is hurting me…

Well, no. PMO is what is causing those symptoms, if you do not stop it now, in some years this withdrawal symptoms will accompany you all your day. Ok but which symptoms can I experience?

From phisical weaknesses to brain fog. You know, you can see what was really happening to your body till you stop PMOing. For example a common withdrawal symptom that almost everyone on nofap will experience is the flat line.

Flat line refers to the period of time of your reboot when you can’t get an erection. WHOA, I DON’T WANT THAT MAN. It’s okay, don’t worry, as I said it will heal. For me it ussualy takes 1 week to get again erections, for others 1 month. How do I know this? Because morning erections, they get stronger the more you reboot. What tou thought, I’m not touching myself while rebooting, and you shouldn’t it’ll lead to relapse.

Now you have all the knowledge about PMO symptoms. But I would like you to alert from what you may find on the internet. When someone starts to have this symptoms, doubt will fog his/her mind. In this doubt situation, you’ll search for answer, it is GREAT! But why I am talking about this then? There are many online journals or sexology pages that promote masturbation, porn and oder forms of self destruction. If you are here, there’s something inside you that feels PMO is not good for you. If so, I suggest you to forget about those journals. Read some reboot articles, diaries or succes stories. You can even watch them on YouTube! It will fill you with the knowledge you need to win this!

You got this man, keep going!!!

-Important info for rebooting by Adioz


@TheWindWaker thankyou so much …today my day is 6 and having same pain in legs and testicles and head too but I was searching answers but I got your answer…bro I have no words what I have achieve from your answer now I will do no fap till full reboot and rewire of all my symtomps …May God help you


I’m glad it helped you. Keep going bro!!!

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