Need advice on a medical condition

It was an year back when I noticed there was a black patch on my penis extending from lower shaft to top of scrotum.Wheareas the surrounding area’s colour seemed white and normal color and only this area has a dark patch on it.Recently I was wondering what it was and tried to scratch on it and I was feeling tingling/numb/different sensation for a long time after I scratched.I didn’t feel anything when I scratched on the area with normal colour.
I am not understanding what to do with this issue but it’s bothering me a lot.I had masturbated a lot using hands in the past but is it responsible for this any way.I need your advice on what to do with this as it disgusts me a lot.

Any suggestions please!

I don’t know what it is but if you want to make sure that everything is right consider to visit urologist.


If it is a problem… then show your black panther to the doctor