Need advice here guys, help

So i’ve reached my 92 days and this is my longest. I’ve been very busy and spend most of time in those 92 days outside my room, engaging with the real world. I felt really good.

I hardly ever play with my phone, and hardly ever lie on my bed except for sleeping when I’m really really tired.

But this week it’s been very tiring and I just want to stay in, lazying about.

BUT, that’s the problem. It doesn’t go well with my streak. I watch P and my bad habits are showing again, and I don’t want it to happen!

Really need help from you guys. Give me advices.

What do you do when you’re really tired and just want to chill and relax, without breaking your streak?



For me, the more time I spend on swiping through social media/ Youtube, my mind become more and more numb, making me seek out stimulation in the form of P. It’s like a secret snack, but the addiction is scary. You could try to replace this need with healthier choices of stimulation, any activity other than P/M that caters to your intellectual/ creative/ physical stimulation.


First of all congratulations brother for reaching 92 days​:raised_hands::clap: thats an achievement!
And what I do to chill and relax is watch some Hari katha, or hear some nice bhajan or sit with my family or talk to some friend… i guess when you are alone, the urges come, so if you want to chill and relax its better to sit with family, with them the urges won’t come… and even if the urges come, just ignore them! A plant will grow only if you water it. The thing which is popping up in your mind is not an urge, its just a thought. When you pay attention to it by replying to the mind that I should not do that, you are feeding that thought, making it stronger and then it turns out to be an URGE. You might be able to not watch P that day but next day, it will be kind of very difficult to ignore that urge and you will end up doing it… this used to happen with me too. It starts with a thought and when we pay attention to it, even by saying no, it grows into an urge… so at the very beginning, if you ignore it and divert your mind to something much more interesting then that thought will be curbed… i hope it will help…

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@Ichika @Krishna_das Thank you so much for your advices guys. That really helps. I guess going out and talk with friends and families really helps. And diverting your mind to favourite things like, basketball helps as well.

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