Need advice from people already on long streaks on how to begin

Cannot go even a day without doing it :unamused:. So downloaded this app, any words of advice from those who have log sober streaks now? Currently at 1-2 times daily and 3-4 on weekends

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Study the connection between semen retention and the mind, consciousness and how it elevates you on a mental level. This goes far beyond of just physical and psychological effects.


1…Make Sure You Don’t stay at isolated places.

2…Take cold shower like twice daily.

3…Do some exercise like 30 minutes daily.

4…Get a job, don’t stay at home all day.

And lastly, whenever the urges comes up say theses words… “These urges are normal but I have a choice to say NO, It’s better to discipline myself now and live the rest of my life a king”

Take it one day at a time. We are in this together mate. You can follow. Let’s chat and motivate each other daily


Be prepared. I am nearing 200 days and I still stumble across NSFW Stuff. The key is to not get tempted by it and move on. Dont feel horrible if you stumble on something; you can never fully evade it all short of becoming a monk and living in a monastery.

The starter pack:
-Daily cold showers. This will temper your mind, Body and soul
-Mentors like Gabe Dawg, Universal Man, Elisha Long, Fearless DAN, etc. In youtube. Also My boy Forerunner on here has a youtube channel at Living Free and clean. Very helpful.

  • Meditation. Try Headspace and Aaron Doughty and Master Sri Akarshana
  • Workout time. Swole goals. Look Up Jeff Cavaliere on youtube at Athlean X.
  • Hobbies. Martial Arts, Dancing, Painting, anything you are passionate about.
  • lastly, CONSISTENCY! Be prepared for continuous work and struggles.
  • Look up on Youtube what Porn does to your brain and the dark side of the porn industry. You will be disgusted.

Become the Person who does not value Porn anymore, as Gabe Dawg Said


You have to rethink your position if you find yourself defending the undefendable. As long as still seek low form of pleasures, you may spend more time in the position you are now.

And don’t let you streak define you, let virtues do.

I’M not a long strike, but I changed my position in life completely and porn is faded away.


You guys are great, the messages seem so positive and they make me feel more confident doing this.
For the first time in years, today, I haven’t done it even once since I woke up in the morning. Else I do it within 2 hours of waking up, and then probably once more during the day.
So In my order rite, I am on a 15 hour streak, which is literally, the longest I have gone without doing it in a really long while. Not proud of the fact that I am so chained by it.

Here is a quote from Marcus Aurelius, it may be helpful in case you are hunted down by your past

Hey guys.

Great advice from all, but I disagree on the cold showers tho. I never did them and there is no need for them sure it has benefits, but mostly it’s just torture. I did the cold shower thing too, but I didn’t feel the difference plus I also [email protected]!^$ in the cold shower.

But I have gotten great tips starting on the app and some stuff I noticed and chated about.

1.No excessive touching and avoid touching especially when aroused or horny

2.Obviously steer clear of porn

  1. Take note of your triggers and what arouse you for a possible relapse, so you can work on strategies on avoiding triggers so that you can avoid a relapse overall.

  2. Avoid edging.

  3. I wanna say avoid a romantic relationship at the beginning phase of nofap, because there is less arousal, but if not possible then work on managing your relationship and urges.

  4. When aroused or horney like the guys say stay busy. But it ain’t always possible as you might lay in bed or not able to do so. I have played with fire on this one and it paid off. I did the following, instead of keeping busy I just layed on my back on the bed and kept myself calm with breathing relaxed and acknowledging the fact that the urge is there. Didn’t touch didn’t look just layed there and quite the mind. It helped me alot to build willpower to beat it. As soon as I feel I can’t hold the urge longer I stand up and then do something either some exercise or sit in a chair reading with some of my favorite songs.

  5. Avoid wanting to do too much or set to many goals. I say this, because sometimes new habits start out good, but if there is too much to do it will overwelm you and in the end of the day you’ll discontinue the new habits. Start out nice and slow with new habits.

  6. Make small achievable goals with the nofap. Try this abstain for a day or two and try to push it for another day. If you stop at day 3 then beat day 3 with your next streak. Okay, your probably thinking I am craxy you wanna go 30- or 90+days from the start. I just took it a day at a time like the others said with it’s ups and downs. Don’t wanna steal their tips just borrowing it a little, bare with me… You see I used this method I set a 90 day goal and the joined a challenge to up scale it to a 100 days. Whilst in this I ignored my day counter as much as possible. It will make the stress less and your constant thought of how many more days just disappear.

  7. Celebrate your small achievement or streak as it will motivate you to beat it.

  8. Talk to someone. If you feel the need to talk then talk to guys on the forum we will provide guidence or if you just need someone to talk to then do so.

  9. Keep your journey fun, motivational and easy for yourself. Customise it so it can suite you and your needs so it is easy to build your streak.

  10. Lastly there is a lot of temptation, challenges out there whilst you are on the journey. Stay focused on what you are doing, what you wanna achieve. Stay focused on what you learn and how to improve yourself. Focus that your emotions amd other factors don’t cloud your judgement. Overall focus on yourself so you can get better intune with what your needs are. Share your knowledge and learn from your mistakes !

Well that just about cover it on how I think a guy should start out. I hope it helps. PM me if you need or want to talk.

Wish you guys all the best. Stay strong, sharp and most importantly awesome!!

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