Need advice for watching netflix sex education series

Brothers…some of my friends told the series named sex education is one of the must watch series and he told maybe it could help in your nofap journey because most of this series is based on the bad effects of sex mainly artificial stimuli like masterbation…So brothers who watched this series give me suggestion should I watch or not…Iam writing this topic because yeah I know some weird scenes are their but you guys tell me should I watch or not

I’ve only watched the first episode, but I think it includes too many triggers. I figure it’s more harmful than helpful for a recovering pmo addict. I think watching webseries in general isn’t beneficial to recovery because of the binge watching that can happen and dopamine levels relating to that. Almost everyone I know watches Netflix, but I choose not to. It’s a big time-waster and I don’t find it very important to be in the loop about these series. There’s so many “must watch” series that you’ll be busy for the rest of your life, only to be able to talk about them with your friends or others. There’s a lot you can do with all that time and motivation. In the end, it’s up to you, but that’s my take on it. I think Sex Education is definitely a no-go from what I’ve seen, but maybe someone with more watchtime can enlighten us further.

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Ok brother I understand you…So far I watched stranger things , money heist,breaking bad,Dark,better call saul…

It’s a good series but not for nofappers because in many scenes it shows like fapping is good and also includes many triggers.


Thank you brother for sharing your experience …I decided not watch but will after recovery

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Ive watched the whole season1 during the release and i think it is better to stay away from those kind of movies.


Bro, I would totally recommend not going beyond PG13 strictly, and if you’re serious enough about the nofap, then you should start watching animated shows for the initial days. R or X rated are a big no… duh… Don’t even go near to that.

Now coming to the Netflix series, It’s overly sexual. Gosh those thumbnail aren’t safe either. They’re killing teens by sexualizing literally everything. Avoid 18+ Netflix or any shows whatsoever.

If you’re genuinely interested in knowing more about nofap and it’s benefits. You can legit start reading I presume if you aren’t a reader. There are ton of material out there. Trust me it’s better than bingeing series. As it releases more dopamine as well and that would contradict your benefits from the nofap. Use this superpower for productivity.


No brother I used watch series when I am feeling boor.i am also reading self developing books…I need suggestion about this series some are telling its shows the bad effects of sex. so that I thought It will help on our journeys of nofap…But anyway.I decided not to watch that series…Thank you very much brother .

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