Need advice about studying

How to remember what i studied ?


Do it more number of times… Theres no other way


Do questions and try to answer it. Then you can find whether you studied well or not.
Also writing a short summary of the chapter will help sure.


It depends on what you are trying to remember
If science related subjects then following things can be done-

  1. Read once and then practice as many mcqs of the topic as you can.
  2. Form mnemonics. This is a very underestimated way of learning.
  3. Find mind maps because many things in science are corelated to each other.
  4. If after doing above things you still cants remember then write it. Yes revise and then write it on paper on your own.

But in case you are arts students then only resort is cram.


Hey bro. My suggestion is that be strong in the sentence formation of the language in which you are going to present for exam. Then understand the concepts in your book in such way you can make kids understand that. Then convert what you understood in the language in which you present.

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More than this

  1. ask someone to ask you the questions and check your level
  2. write it as much as you can
  3. then form mnemonics e.g : VIBGYOR, the colours of rainbow
  4. make some notes from lessons and use them for your exams so you can cover a lesson in few mins
  5. never forget to revise everything
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