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Ok so there is this new girl at work who is short in height and seems quiet like me and works in the same department as me and I notice she looks at me alot, sometimes I notice it, which leaves me to wonder if she potentially likes me or not. I’ve only had one relationship in my life and not sure how to handle this situation should I just approach her and talk to her, which Im quite shy to do or should I smile when she looks at me?
How do you think I handle this situation?


If she looks at you alot means that she likes you but she’s pretty shy to tell you and she might be waiting for you to make the first move. I’m not saying that you should express your feelings to her cause that will be to early and she probably won’t like that, but, insted try to talk to her about anything you want, ask her for hanging out, give her a compliment and if you start seeying that she began to like more go further and tell her about your feelings. Find a special place and tell her the reason why you like this place so much, tell her that you always enjoyed spending time with her, then tell her about how you feel properly and give her a rose🌹. That’s all I could think of. I hope that I was helpful🙂.


If you have never talked to her before then just go and talk to her, you wor at same place so there must be quite some small talk you can make im beginning, you can just say hi and ask her name, then maybe you can ask why she joined the work and so on. You can even compliment her that you found her cute, no harm in that either.

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