Need a war buddy

Sharing code - bz5kpj

Current streak - 5 days
Highest streak - 5 days
Age - 18
Gender - M
Location - US

I need a fellow brother on the same journey and fight by my side. We shall end this war on top!!


add me brother
my sharing code -mv62c3

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Add me too buddy

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Add me bro
Code: 82njp4

Need à companion too
My sharing code: lfjsh2

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Add me :hugs::hugs::hugs:, I’m 18M from India.

My sharing code : 3t7yk9

Hello Friend!

Shortest: 49 Days
Longest: 49 Days

Sharing: @s4omwu

Feel free to contact me anytime. This is a battle we are all familiar with.


Add me too broo
Current streak - 2
Longest streak - 15
Sharing code - co9eta

Add me also :hugs::hugs::hugs:,
I’m 18M from India :india:
Current streak:19 days
Longest streak: around 200 days

My sharing code is 3t7yk9

Add me brother

21 M
Just started today and anyone can add me.
We will conquer together!
Share code: zefoqz

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Bro lets fight together…stay connected with me and share your experience :raised_hands:

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Add me on guys…
I’m on 52 hours now… 2 days done…
Many days to go…

Bro add me my code on rewire companion is 690kqk

Add me — h6pv5i
Have already done many streaks
New on rewire though
Will only motivate you and push your limits

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