Near's Journey Towards Greatness

Hi everyone. This is Near. Starting a new journey of healthy lifestyle. Being familiar with this forum, I discovered few beasts who have done their part and achieved their dreams. There are general queries that keep coming inside my head. Feel free to interact with me, possibly replying to everyone’s suggestions and ideas. You can reply even a single point you know about it.


Welcome brother!
All the best. Yes, there are some real beasts out here on the forum who inspire me too. Be consistent, beat this PMO and you will do wonders.
Flame on,


@Ash_Matt Thanks brother, I really loved your journal as it gave me an idea of a stand of fail.


Welcome dude to this community :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

Nofap is difficult journey but not impossible. Starting days are tough , practice meditation for mental strength .

All the best.


Thanks brother. @Dean_Ambrose :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes brother. That’s why my spirit animal, if I ever write a story about one :joy_cat: is a phoenix.
We rise from the ashes, stronger than ever. There is no pain without gain. Fire tests real gikd-all impurities are burnt out.

Aim for 3 weeks and cross them. You can do it brother. Companions like @Tagore and @Kaizen will offer valuable advise.


Welcome bro!

Nofap is definitely not easy. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done and I still consider myself as a newbie. But that’s the beauty of it. If it was easy, then everyone would do it. Only the strongest of the bunch can pull of something so tough as nofap. When things get tough, the tough gets going. Keep at it man. Every failure is a lesson, a stepping stone to bounce back higher. All the best!

"The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell, Right to the top, don’t look back! - imagine dragons


Hey @Aditya !
You are from the miracle morning challenge right brother,
You are really unstoppable brother, from the moment you have joined I don’t remember a single day where you didn’t wake up early.
This forum needs people like you
We both are the fan of the same series, Deathnote !
Good that you are starting your own diary.
Since You were not active in this forum quite often.
Best of Luck for it brother.
This Year we are gonna become the best version of ourselves.

2021 will be the Year of no regrets


Yo im a deathnote fan as well! It’s the best anime of all time bro!:fire::fire::fire:


Welcome on board! It will be a pleasure to read you.


@FlowForCourage @GOVIND-19 @Dean_Ambrose
@Ash_Matt @rewire_user

Please provide your opinions regarding this. :thinking::point_down:

Q1. Should I eat spicy foods, when I’m following the NoFap?

Q2. What are the circumstances of getting an urge?

Q3. What are the most probably noticed time for flatlines?

Q4. Is it really important - a person who fap his nerves are clearly visible?

I’ve already searched on internet but got an unsatisfying and half result. I want to know something from your side, as you’ve been practicing it for long.


Alright @Aditya I’ll try my best to answer all of them.

  1. I don’t think it really matters. Since I’m from South India I eat a lot of spicy food as a part of my diet. I actually like food spicy. But I haven’t really experienced a change nofap wise when I’m not eating spicy food. Physically, there will be changes. You’ll increase in body temperature and go shit more often. But otherwise no changes. If you really love spicy food like me, it can be a dopamine supplement. But don’t eat a lot of it

  2. The circumstances for an urge can literally be anything under the sun. It varies with the person. It’s completely and almost entirely dependent on the person’s interests. Me personally, I’m mostly unphased by pics of hot girls or even erotic scenes in movies or series. I’ve watched a lot of them throughout nofap and didn’t relapse. But chances of me relapsing increases exponentially with my curiosity with things or when a sexual thought gets stuck in my head. I’ll be like " oh what will happen if they do something like this, or if the situation is like that?" Then I look for a similar situation in you know where and boom, I relapse. Also whenever I can’t supplement dopamine from other sources, these thoughts increase. I mainly supplement it by working out or by playing with friends. When I don’t do both, I’m prone to relapse. But this is me. I’ve seen people get triggered on other things as well. What I’m trying to say is, it depends on the person and if you need to under what is yours, you’d have to go through nofap and observe it for yourself.

  3. Flatlines also varies from person to person. But typically it happens after 3 weeks or 4 weeks and can last for a week upto a long time. I hit flatline after a month and it last for like another month. You’ll have to see what’s yours yourself.

  4. I don’t really understand this question.


@GOVIND-19 Answered it very well !
Let me continue it.
For the 4th point.

  1. Yes, it is possible that nerves of your hand might be visible if you are not a fat guy, because most of my friends including me who fap and are skinny. Nerves of our hands are clearly visible. It might be because of masturbation. I don’t have proper knowledge about it.
    And nerves of skinny guys are always slightly visible. So, it might be different for different personality people.

Good luck for Your Journey bro


Oh ok then, you want to show off more veins in your hands? Alright the visibility of veins depends mostly on body fat percentage and vascularity. Vascularity increases with age but there are exercises you can do to increase the vascularity in hand. Train your forearms, your vascularity will increase. But training alone cannot make the veins pop. You need to be on a lower body fat percentage. Even if you are muscular, if you have high body fat percentage, then not all the veins will be visible.

And yea, fapping doesn’t make the veins in your forearms pop. It’s a myth.


@GOVIND-19 @rewire_user

Thanks brothers. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just read your journal and got to know that you relapsed, which is not good looking to your streak. Take your time and come back strong.

Same with you too brother.

Keeping in mind the pain and regrets of relapse, considering that there are few circumstances arising which may lead me to a relapse. So, I’m trying to fix it, within the minimum days of week.

This is to inform that I might be not available to forum for nearly one week. But miracle morning challenge should go on. I’ll be joining you’ll soon.


All the best @Aditya let’s beat this PMO!
Flame on

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Fellow nofappers or just fappers cuz i quit i d highly reccomend reading the easypeasy book if u havent heard of it its a online book with 35 chapters it helped me quit and i had no urges since i started my big charge cuz porn is a past of me cuz of the book


Hey companions, I’ve been facing a problem of white hair. Please tell if it matters or not? And how can I reduce it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Drink enough Water

Follow a good hair care routine ( Oil your hair atleast once a week, stop blow drying your hair, Dont Shampoo everyday, Use a good conditioner)

Eat foods that make hair stronger (Google which ones)

Also since ive started nofap my hair have become thicker with more volume, So stick to that

Lastly, if possible use organic products for hair


Thanks friend. :slightly_smiling_face: I will surely following your teachings. @The_wild_perception