Nearly full bladder and arousal, and concealing morning wood

I felt sexually aroused in the middle of sleep, 12 AM.
I masturbated until I orgasmed.
I felt a great urge to urinate afterwards.
I did make a mistake of browsing chaturbate, I thought I could connect with masturbating guys who have their penis on my cam/face, while getting digital coins that are USD convertible.

I could have visited a restroom and looked at my phone rather than expend my scarce life blood, and I could have found an accountability buddy on this forum who lives close by me, and textchat on an external chat app like discord.

Almost all of my favs have to do with concealing morning erections, erections from nearly full bladder, erections while I’m sleep deprived and hence not myself. My average streak used to be able about a week. It’s a few days over that.