Navy Seal Training Challenge -Target 90 days- RECRUITMENT OPEN

Attention Recruits! :speaking_head: :busts_in_silhouette::busts_in_silhouette::busts_in_silhouette:

Forget yesterday, don’t think about tomorrow, you just have to survive today everyday. This challenge is an opportunity for all those who want to recover from the damage that porn and masturbation has done. :boom::boom::boom:

On completion of 90 days, badges of honor will be distributed among champion warriors. :medal_sports::medal_sports::medal_sports:

Join this challenge for motivation, tips and advices because there will be plenty of those here. I urge everyone to share your experience and knowledge with others so that we all can become better versions of ourselves. :fire::fire::fire:


Recovery is our goal following are compulsory tasks the participants will benefit from in their recovery.

1. MEDITATION= :man_in_lotus_position: Visualizing success while breathing deeply and calmly + positive self talk to self hypnotize to unlock a champion’s mindset

2. MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS= :fire: I will post motivational videos here. You will benefit from it by watching it everyday. I’ll try to keep it under 10 minutes. If you watch motivational videos to charge yourself in the morning then it’s better. But beware of YouTube ads and triggers.

3.EXERCISE= :man_running::man_lifting_weights: at least 10 MINUTES. ( for those who haven’t started exercise yet, for others at least 45 minutes) It’s will stabilize your mood, improve your brain and body health and really help in recovery. I can’t emphasize it’s benefits enough!

4. BUSY PRODUCTIVE ROUTINE= :man_teacher::hourglass_flowing_sand::alarm_clock: an empty mind is devils workshop. Free time is your enemy. Be responsible. Be productive. Improve yourself in studies, job, life etc

5. STAY AWAY FROM TRIGGERS= :eyes::selfie: not watching movies, series, animes and not using social media aimlessly will be your greatest ally. Seriously! look back at your relapse. How many of those were due to triggers? Don’t put yourself in a situation that causes rush of dopamine and takes control away from you.

6. DAILY TASK TO INCREASE WILL POWER OR IMPROVE YOURSELF IN ANY ASPECT = :innocent: I will post a task daily. It will help you in any aspect of life especially willpower, self control or self belief. Complete it and post it in check in.

7. DAILY CHECK IN = :memo: Yes this is compulsory. You can always find 5 minutes everyday no matter how busy you are to post your check in. This will keep you accountable and motivated. It will be a constant reminder. Check in like posted sample check in in post no 3.

To join, write your RC username, sharing code, highest streak, current streak like below.

Highest streak 101 days
Current streak 10 hours

Our goal is recovery so if you relapse, you can join start again. You won’t be kicked out of this challenge. Use this challenge to check in daily and tell something about day (daily diary). This will really help you in your recovery. You will see later.

Also, as people can join at anyday so most people will be at a different day of their recovery.

One Day at a time

Watch the video below. Seal training is far tougher than quitting Porn. If they can do it. So can we. The secret lies in this video. :star2::star2::star2:


Scoreboard for Recruits

Name - sharing code

  1. NeverGiveup420 0duzj7
  2. rajameghanan p54vg3
  3. Yoshy ygnxiu
  4. Binocular 4e8x24
  5. BlackMagic123 vwyesc
  6. docabd 4bhos3
  7. 4battle a05ru5
  8. McAwesomeville gdi758
  9. InfinitelyStrong 1mskf2
  10. yashnofap01 o4889f
  11. AnonymousDH 4mzezt
  12. surr tzs8zq
  13. andythepro65 f7vg8s
  14. DoneWithThisAddiction jkfu66
  15. dak_sam rhnc9s
  16. NXGhost g2kj4u
  17. Rohitash i107b0
  18. gattiman
  19. vajsh
  20. User1132Kazuma k6738o
  21. Sholt_Tenkerrot nkoemw
  22. roshan2304 ghn9mr
  23. sorcer
  24. FelipemasterONE 7j6nkr
  25. abiq e64ia2
  26. Divyansh1234 302wst
  27. mphexpert idqwz6
  28. AbsolutReigner nu0mxl
  29. imraj 9fd326
  30. JBravo_1957 ykscjm
  31. survivor2002 q0ikvd
  32. Ash_Matt zs7f7h
  33. ToughestManOnEarth my3l2h
  34. @Vibezzy7483 63qct3
  35. @JANIG kdy1ue
  36. @Alex2121 0p4yej
  37. @MrBaller isbus8
  38. @Wolverine7777 sn1kmx
  39. @Mayur28 xttc1y
  40. @wool 1icct8
  41. @dr.vikas yxibdr
  42. @Aiaiiaiaiw
  43. @wellnoteddzack

Sample check in

Check in Day 1

Write your daily diary here or few things if you want to share something.

Daily Tasks

  1. Meditation :white_check_mark:
  2. Watched motivational video :white_check_mark:
  3. Exercise 45 minutes :white_check_mark:
  4. Study/ Worked today :white_check_mark:
  5. No triggers from screen :white_check_mark:
  6. Daily task :white_check_mark:
  7. Random task :x:

Here is how to type



I will join bro. Add me

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Sure, Post your info like this.


Current streak : 19 days 20 hrs
Longest ever: 21 days

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I added you bro… Your streak is awesome… Best of luck :100: @rajameghanan

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Yeah bro. I will do my best.

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Task for today

Watch the video in post 1

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Yo welcome @Binocular

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Come on Lets do this

Highest Streak : 30 days :relieved:
Current Streak : Almost 10 day


Welcome buddy @Yoshy


Hey @NeverGiveup420 :wave: it’s been a while

Yeah I’ll be happy to join

Longest streak is 15 days
Current streak is 3 days

Let’s all cooperate to improve together :smile:


Invitation to @Samaranjay @Risinglion123 @Amitroghates @Sholt_Tenkerrot @textmr03 @Risinglion123 @yashnofap01 @pingpong1 @nofapstar123 @NofapperAADI @InfinitelyStrong to this challenge


Welcome bro @Yoshy … I like your enthusiasm… Let’s do this :fire::fire::fire:

@Binocular…welcome bro… Thanks for joining.and yes… Let’s improve together…


I would also invite @prothekter_aden @anon6586404 @Plutus @kaijin @andythepro65 @AnonymousDH @_TIGER @BlackMagic123 to join


Thanks @NeverGiveup420

I’m currently out of likes so I hope you understand


Oh wow… Mention not bro… :innocent::smile:
I understand :joy: @Binocular

THANKS GUYS :grin::smile::fire::fire::fire:
Let’s do it!

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