Naps in afternoon?

Question is simple , Should we take naps in afternoon?
Google’s answer will always be yes , just like PMO is healthy.


No bro, you should never take naps or never sleep during day time. You have to follow the biological clock, sleep only at night.

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Naps in the afternoon are advisable.

  1. They can be a part of a polyphasic sleep pattern. @rohankians may have experince practicing this.
  2. Afternoon power naps are good for the brain.
    Refer: among others
  3. Almost all successful people follow power naps. Especially doctors and such. Sleep when you get time, it’s worth it.

I personally sleep 20 mins in afternoons. This may extend to 30 mins/1 hr also, primarily because I get around 6 hours of sleep at night. In the end of the day, afternoon naps should not be more than 20-30 mins, unless you’re on vacation. Try it out and see, that’s the only way you’ll know for sure.

Others: Please research before posting your opinion on this. Don’t merely state what you think is correct, without any evidence, since others, and I, rely on it.


Powernap is different from nap of polyphasic sleep…

In power nap you will sleep only 15 to 20 mins… U will not get into… rem sleep…

In polyphasic nap you will go to rem sleep… There is lot of difference in between both…

However power nap doesn’t come into count of sleep hrs for day which shud be between 6 to 8 hrs…

If you want to do powernap 4 rules…
It shud not be more than 15 to 20 mins…
U shud do it before 3 pm if u want to sleep between 10 or 12 at night…
U shud not take it more than 25 mins or else u will fall into rem sleep and wake up drowsy dizzy tired due to lack of sleep.
Don’t listen any music that has lyrics or heavy metal…

Ps: Powernap is just like an instant recharge, relief to brain after long hours of focus…


@the_shivam how goes it?

Well I have decided to take naps for around 10-20 mins only when necessary. If I feel very tired in aftrernoon anyday then I will only take naps . But will try to avoid them If not needed.


Excellent. Note that 20 mins after a meal the body diverts blood flow to the digestive system. Don’t do anything productive then. Sleeping half an hour after meals for 10-20 mins is good for focus. Don’t sleep immediately after meals though.


As I mentioned in my dairy .
I sit in vajrasana for atleast 10 min after breakfast , lunch and dinner.

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:smiley: cool! I don’t know what a vajrasana is, but I suppose it helps you.

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Search for it , It’s a yoga asan , It helps in improving digestion after meals

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Oh okayy, cool! Not a fan of Yoga but will see. I generally read after meals :slight_smile: