Nagate's diary - It can not be true

I don’t believe for a minute that staying away from marstubation can give you cancer, to me those are just scare tactics to keep people cosuming pornfilth and draining themselves, but if abstaining from porn and marstubation was dangerous wouldn’t we all be dead? What did people do prior to porn absolutly none of what we do thats for sure they either went to brothels or just did not do it at all which was like 99% of population.


Yes if you don’t consume junk foods, as the rumour goes, you won’t be able to stay healthy.


I hate false rumours.
Sometimes internet makes a Trap for innocent people.

I had no idea about the harmful effects of wasting semen before as it was described as healthy by most of internet websites. I want to fuck them all like a bitch but Alas ! That would too drain my energy so lets only focus on self improvement.

I would definately make a youtube video on my success story but first i have to complete my Reboot.


Me too those assholes i remember when i was like 17 or 18 seen these two dumb f***s on a teen channel that marstubating makes helthier and can even focuss more, can you believe this knowing how easily teens are influenced i believed i wanna knock out these people but i am trying to be a better man too. We will make a change


Nagate’s diary:
Well today was a odd day woke up with some strong urges, and was like that pretty much the whole day, i ate alot well since i have been on nofap foreal i have been eating like a machine, summer is almost here as i said before during the summer is when i would fail but since i know this to be a true this time i will focus as much and try to be as aware as possible can’t make any mistakes this time, time to slay lust during summer.


You are a Legend bro.
Summers is all yours to command.
Slay it . Kill it and Rise like a phenix from its ashes.

Last night wed march 28. 2 wetdream in one night , holly shit what a night i had sexual dreams then wetdreams, went back to sleep had more sexual dreams another wetdream followed went back to sleep again and another dream but this time no wetdream! thank god made me feel like i fricking relapsed.

Your story is realy scary.
Why you feel you have relapsed? Do you like these dreams ? Do you want sex & girls very badly ?
How do you feel the next day ?
Does it takes away your powers ?

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Last night i had another wetdream🤤. But i have already figured it out, i am eating really well and 4 or 5 hours before i sleep i workout like a miniac, i also rehydrate myself alot soo i have alot water and testosteron that i make during or after workout, when i said that i had 2 wetdreams the day before i had workedout alot and yesterday the same happend, soo i see aparten there, actually i don’t even have hard sexual desires alot during the day they come out when i am sleeping why is this? Maybe the body has to make me dream soo i can realese the pressure? Today i will not work out also no eggs lets see what happens.

So are you relating your wet dreams to hard workout.
But hard workouts burn the extra calories. I suggest you take a light dinner with no milk.

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I don’t drink milk, am quite convinced its due to the work and the food, i will lay off the extra protein for a while and see what happens :blush::blush:.

Ps: hardworkout give you extra testosterone right? Correct me if i am wrong

I have been working out hardcore continuously for over a month now, been taking 100-120gms of protein every day plus Tribulus Terrestris every day. I didn’t have any wet dreams, but maybe because I am only on 10th day. Don’t know how the world looks from the summit where you have already reached… But IMO it might be that you’ve been thinking about sex sub consciously quite frequently…

what about the obvious solution?
you dream at night about the things that you’re brain is craving after?

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I think that is what sub conscious thinking is. Knowingly or unknowingly we keep thinking about things throughout the day and that’s how the dreams are built.

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Honestly i hope this is another stage and i move on, i don’t even look at pics or anything.

Yeah i know this is a sub conscious thing because, me personally i never look at sexual things since i take this seriously.

It will pass bro, you will move past these hurdles. I look up to you when it comes to self control. I too have restrained myself from any kind of porn. Moreover, I have developed a bit of disgust about fapping… I keep telling myself that it is the lowest a man can fall. Although you don’t need motivating words coz I know you will triumph out of this but just remember if you fall there will be many out here like me who will be very sad if you gave in to temptation.


You are a legend and legends dont fall, they rise above everything and help others in rising too.

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Thank you for your kind words my brother, you are right, i have developed and still are doing a great self control, one thing i know for sure is that i will not fall back ever, i am not saying from a place of ego but how i feel and see my situation right now, you see i try to live up my to words otherwise i am just lying to myself and thats even worse, this is why if something happens to me i always let you know guys soo you can judge me and and tell me what i should work on, i look up to you as well and everyone else on this journey. Peace and goodvibes to you guys​:blush::blush::blush:.
This weekend i will do my best to study how the subcounsious mind works soo i can prevent these type of these from happening too much.

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If your wet dreams problem get resolved, tell me about it. So i can apply it in my journey.

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