My way to Nofap

I’ve been on my 169th day of my nofap. I continue to abstain from porn and masturbation, I have PIED. During these 169 days there is no improvement, but I do not lose hope that everything will change and all my efforts are not in vain. I really want to get rid of this and I need support, since there is no one with whom I can share this except on the Internet. SUPPORT ME PLEASE!!!

You have come a long way bro :clap::clap:. Nofap is a lifestyle, and i think you may have improved in many aspects of life, so keep on going, just don’t lose hope.

Read this article, there are many factors which affect the recovery time.

Thanks bro, the info was very helpful. But I want to tell you something else, because I forgot to write about it earlier. I’ve been jerking off since I was 10, and I’m already 18, I’ll be 19 in a month. I started watching porn at 15. Seriously thought about this last summer and tried to give up porn. Since the beginning of last summer, I have been trying to abstain from masturbation and porn, but they have been unsuccessful. There were many times when I broke down. I abstained for 2 weeks, then I broke, then I abstained for 1 month, then I broke again, and so on. But at the end of December last year, I decided that in spite of everything I would not break loose and this is the longest series already at 171 days. I am a virgin and I realized that it is harder for me to recover, I need at least 6 months. I watched porn for 3 years and I will need much more time, most likely 9-12 months, maybe more. I knew that fantasies hurt and I try not to think about porn and sex. At the beginning of this series, I thought about sex every day before going to bed, but then I realized that it was bad and stopped thinking, but sometimes returned to my thoughts. Sometimes thoughts come up on their own, but I try not to think about it, but think about something else. I am confident in myself that I will be healthy and I will have a healthy erection.

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