My thoughts so far

Today is my 11th day of nofap. I don’t know whether I can do this or not. But I have to do this for a better life ahead. So far I had gone through a couple of urges but I overcame through it. Today morning I felt something new which I hadn’t felt before. I don’t know what it is. But something is changing in my life. I’m sure that nofap can bring something in our life. Let’s see guys



Hey you are my companion. Reset your counter to 11 days. It is showing 3 days to me.
I am also on 11th day. Life is also changing for me. Me too got past my initial urges.
Yeah. Its hard because we have to continuosly push forward and slipping is easy.
Remember the Rewards are also Big.
Friend. Beware after good . Bad comes. Never doubt the journey for it. Journey is a continous climb which gets better & better with couple of automn season where the leaves withren but dont you worry.
It is a process of having new leaves & greater heights. :deciduous_tree:

Could you tell me how to reset ?

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