My thoughts on various aspects

Hey guys
This is a topic to share what I feel right or wrong
And this is not 1 day judgements
It is brought out of hatredness after year of following the wrong path


I just want to tell 1 thing that happened with me
And many of u will tell this was a dream but it wasnt
And this happened on days when I mastrubated 5 to 6 times
It so happened I was playing games after mastrubating 5 to 6 times on a day
And suddenly mobile fell from my hand and it was as if my whole body got paralyzed except I could open my eyes a bit
It was like I couldnt move at all
As if some 1 has a control over my body
I over came this with great difficulty as I was shocked like how could this happen with me and tried opening my mouth to call for help but it didnt happen and tried pushing myself on the other side
I swear it took me so much efforts but I finally came out of paralysis
And hurriedly went into washroom and started crying as it was as if I’m dead
I didnt tell this to any 1 as I was scared
And this thing happened again with me

These things occurred during my fapping journey
I dont know y
May be due to negativity or something
But porn and mastrubation contribute largely to negativity

U may agree or may not its upto u
But this wasnt a dream
It was real.:slightly_smiling_face:

So quit this addiction for ur wellbeing.


Not every thing is related to porn i would definitely recommend you going to a psychiatrist as soon as possible. You never know when the situation hits again.

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Thank you but it’s a year long thing while I was going through depression and all
Now I’m completely fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just went through an article on google when I bad urges
Just an extract of that
If Gen X’s( early 80) thing was the blowjob, millennials’(early 90) thing was sex, and Gen Z is into p****(sex), but the next generation will likely be the masturbation generation.

Sad to see this but the researchers words are coming true
AnD soon we ourselves will ruin our lives

And actually do u know that several girl are trafficked every day who showcase in porn videos on various websites
There was an article in an online newspaper
Where a brother was watching a porn video and recognized it was her sister who had been trafficked and was indulged in all those shit acts by the traffickers at the age of just 15
Hopefully he told his mother and she was rescued
But just think how many of the people are trafficked
How many are sold to fulfill this shitty lust …

Just yesterday s news
A 6 year old girl was raped in Hyderabad brutally
And the doctors have said that it was done by some 1 near one as she didnt resist
And her internal parts were completely damaged

This is such a brutal thing
Earlier we were asked to safeguard ourselves from strangers but mow we are also told to safeguard ourselves from family members …
Sad thing

We should let the doctors words come true
We will overcome this and then help many overcome this
A small start can bring lots of happiness

Also sorry if thus hurts
But the girls who are trafficked have families too
So if they were in danger so are our near and dear ones
We need to stop this
So that soon all this disappears…:blush:
We will succeed

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Actually I remember an incident from my 12th when me and my gf and my friends were speaking
I used to think porn and mastrubation is cool and my friends used to think the same
And we used to tease my gf that she is so innocent that she doesnt know about porn and watches romantic movies …

But now I’m happy that my gf was right to not watch and I was wrong to watch
She is helping me overcome this now
I know I will make it


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I have a question
Just imagine u watched porn and u were mastrubating
While u were doing this
Ur parents saw u
How will they react

Cast forward
The same mistake u did
Was repeated by ur kid
How would u react to that

It will hurt u
Then y to do this shit
Quit this shit forever…:slightly_smiling_face:


it’s been just a few days
but still today I felt like I had urge to watch porn and mastrubate
and so i started to read the erotic stories stuff
I opened femdom and cuckhold
and started reading
10 tabs open at once i got excited once and noticed ki while I’m reading
I dont get distracted at all no matter
it’s like yeah I need to read this it’s as if u are caught in an illusion
but as I was reading none excited me i was like chi chi chi
i dont want to read this shit
and closed everything
it’s like I’m not having urges
it feels like watching and reading have become habit types so just a habitual thing that I want to do

earlier where I used to like femdom and cuck stuffs
not I hate even the thoughts of it
nofap is actually helpful

so happy with myself
#no pmo🙂

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Day by day as I’m winning over each day
I’m becoming more and more anxious
I feel like watch the porn and mastrubate then this anxiousness will go away
I’m not able to concentrate on studies
Neither feeling like doing any stuffs
Just so frustrating it is
But I know there are two ways choose the easier one now and face the problem for lifetime face the problem and anxiety now and have an amazing life ahead
I choose the 2nd 1
But any suggestions for overcoming the anxiety
Do help

Just face it my friend…

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You can try to read “Easy Peasy”

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Yes man
Previously also many have asked me to try this book
But u know male ego
That I know I can do it
And I felt reading this book was waste of time when I have to study for my exams
But now after losing
5 days streak
Then 7 days streak
Then 9 days and lastly 11 days
I have given a thought to reas this book
Bo matter sometimes I dont understand few things
But will keep trying
Also planning to start my passion to read novels
Where 2 years back
I could sit at a stretch of 3 hours to read 150 -200 pages of novel at once
But then I stopped
So I have already started reading it and
Let’s see how it goes this time
Thank you for recommending

Thanks Brother…
I recommended because i thought it might work for you… And even if it doesn’t work, there is no problem in giving a try to it.

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Hey guys
I know I lost after 11 days
But again started the same day
I wont lose hope
I just wanted to share 1 thing that is eating up me badly
I had been through certain blogs
And fuck those people
I’m like what’s wrong with every 1

  1. Rapist tell that they did it as they were exposed to extreme porn
  2. Virginity earlier used to be marriage gift
    Not it’s a birthday gift
    It’s like wow
    How the generations have changing
  3. 3 stages of sex life
  1. couples never taught about even any other person other than their spouse
  2. married to 1 person but thinking of having sex with other
  3. generation of fucking open marriage and cuck and femdom
    I know myself that if I would have never been addicted to porn I would have never known about these stuffs
    And fucking porn industry is responsible along with us
    Coz we demanded for extreme
    They came with more extreme
    We asked northey supplied more
    We were ready to corrupt ourselves , our lives and our marriages
    They are more than willing to corrupt people to earn money
    As I mentioned earlier post
    All 3 yugs were fight between good and evil
    But in kalyug both good and evil lives within same person
    So the real fight in kalyug is with ourselves
    And the main thing that is corrupting is porn porn porn porn

Just thinking ki now we have so many extreme porn
When slowly we will demand more extreme
What the fuck will people be ready to do
Where people used to save having sex with their love
Now the time has changed so much
A person loves some 1 else
But since that person cant satisfy
They have sex with some1 else
But still they love the earlier person
I mean no moral no humanity

Guys just a request dont go to porn anymore
I have seen the extremes
Which sucks
I swear if even 0.00000001% happens in real life
I’ll be happiest soul to commit suicide
I want to come out of this
And I m telling every 1 also to come out of this
Fuck the porn industry …:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage: