My streak - the setting up of Vortexkicker

Dec 26 - 1:05pm.

I am 20 minutes away from 1 day.

My work week is going to be full so I am expecting a 5 day streak from myself.

Time for motivation, time for success.

Join me to see me results.


It is 5 am.

I am at 1 day 15 hours.

My 5 day desired streak is getting closer with every second.


Today is December 27th.

Time is 7 30 pm.

My streak is 2 days 6 hours.

I am almost half way to making 5 days.


Dec 28th

I am finishing up my work day.

My current streak is 3 days 3 hours.

I am getting closer to my goal.


I just relapsed.

I went 3 days 15 hours.

What got me was worried I couldn’t do it anymore.

You can do this! Don’t let worry or fear keep you from your goals!!!

Start your streak over, stay connected on here and watch 5 days go by quick. But win today first!!!

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@AoG7576, man I relapsed today. I reached 2 days.

Getting to 5 has been a goal of mine for a few months now and still never get past 2 or 3 days.


Dont worry about streaks just try to get through today!!!

Keep in the green brother! You got this!!!

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What’s your share code?!

My sharing code is vqe481

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Mine is jrlg8x. Alright brother you have 18 hours to find something else then wasting time on pmo!!!

What are things you enjoy to do? Pick one and keep yourself busy!!!

You got this!

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Ok. I will get through today easily.

Since I relapsed this morning at 7 am, I will be fine until Saturday night into Sunday morning.

Just as a quick note most of my relapses happen in the morning between 5 am and 10 am.

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2 days 9 hours and going strong.

Love how I’m focused on avoiding “things” that causes relapse.

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Reached 2 days 19 hours.

I relapsed.

Sadly I wanted porn badly.

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Bro , Do u have any hobbies like working out , meditate etc ?

Bro , I think u are obsessed with ur streak which makes u relapse. I suggest u not to focus on streaks and focus on discipline , relationship or anything that matters u the most. Following No Fap is great but making your happiness depend on No Fap streak is depressing.

Maybe , This can help you

First, I don’t have any hobbies or any interests in hobbies.

My life is boring. M life is my job and taking care of my Dad.

My percentage is the same. I’m not improving because I relapse every 2 days

This is the mindset you have to change. There are many ways in which you can improve. No fap is more like an interest the bank provides you because of the money u are investing ( Money I mean , Good habits in a metaphorical sense ) . Its also act as a catalyst for disciplined lifestyle.

You have a JOB bro , That’s great. Which made me realize you are capable of sometime. Your life is not boring.

So let’s start small. How about reading affirmations daily ?

I have no right to force you. I want you to succeed. But first we need to have a positive perspective first. But I suggest you to read this everyday and be consistent for a month. Even if u fail , forgive yourself and move on. Slowly we can add another habit.

January 7th is today.

3rd relapse this month. I am getting worse.

I need motivation now.

How do I get motivated?