My streak has been reset to 1, any help?

I had to reset my phone and re-download this app. I had a streak of over 135 days (my posts confirm this), I logged in but it says my streak is 1. Is this a bug, or is there nothing that can be done? It was fun to see which level I unlocked next :frowning:


As far as I know, your streak is not being stored on the server, therefore it doesn’t restore itself after being deleted.
Press the reset button (dislike on the top corner) and set the date and the time you relapsed previous time.


Thank you very much! It worked :slight_smile:


For future help take an backup before deleting the app

It also saves your journals and relapses

The dev(taher sir :heart::pleading_face:) made the app thinking through a lot and excellently :heart::heart::heart::sweat_smile:


thank you, I will consider this :slight_smile:

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:thinking::thinking: Taher didn’t made this app… This app is provided by the online paid forum hosting service » Discourse
Sorry for commenting on this… but I fell like sharing with you’ll.


Yeah discourse is for the forum… open source ftw(used in many of the forums ik) but the rest of the app is made by him

Very simple to get 135 days. Put " :-1: " And reset your streak . When you relapsed before 135 days. @anon25486694

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thank you, already did this :pray:

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