My StOry (incomplete)

I am 27 Years Old and started fapping since I am 13 years Old because of that I got severe Acne and then Acne scars which were a huge reason for my lack of confidence.

Then I start giving no Capital F’s and gOt my confidence back, I am a decent build guy, having 5,11 height, I got my first girl at the age of 21 but it was a long distance relationship, so I would fantasies about her and doing all that non sense stuff wit her which made my fapping habit worst.

Then I got ditched because of my own misakes by that I completely lost it, started Fapping alot.

But I was not satisfied from inside, there were times when I was ready to face any street criminal so he will end me somehow, but I am alive and kicking by the grace of Almighty.

Each and every person has a reason to be alive, Now I want to change, I know I am weak, I am vulnerable and lack strength to fight the FAP Devil, but enough is enough.

I just wanna Pee on my habit of Masterbation, so for that I want guidance and instructions to face my urges.

I just don’t wanna die alone, I want to love and being Loved so for that I want to leave this habit which is poisoning me from inside.


Nicee broo , happy to hear that you’re ready to embrace a change

A tip from my side
Note down your triggers and set boundaries accordingly
Along with that have a plan or strategy that whenever you’re urged what are the tools that you’re gonna use to cope up with the urge

All the best bro


I wish you the best brother… You made an amazing decision and I am very happy for you.

Do read this when you have time…


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