My second streak of 90 days of No Fap Hard mode in 2020 done!

It has been my second 90+ days of streak in this horrid 2020. :joy:

The first was from March end till June end.

The current streak beginning from 1st of July, it was marred with 10 nightfalls. All I can share is the nightfalls made me weak for couple of days. Unwilling to study and be lethargic were the biggest drawbacks.

Just changed two aspects of my life to retain semen for longer period:

  1. Started sleeping early and waking up early.
    In the bed by 12am and wake up by 7am. It reduced the creaming of my pants to zero!
  2. Adding Hanuman Dand (please YouTube for videos on how to perform it) after completing you workout on alternate days. Not only it gave me great sleep in night but killed the thoughts in the brain for the urges to grow.
    After all, urges only come in comfortable state.

Highest streak: 99 days.
Current one: 90 days.

But my target is of 999 days.

Anyone willing to join, add my companion code: l7po4p

Age - 25
Gender - M
Location - INDIA :india:


Great bhai :+1::+1::+1::ok_hand::bouquet::tada::partying_face:

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Thanks bruh!
Hope you join me in soon.

We are already mutual friends,

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I meant that you reach this 90+ days of feat too.

Congratulations brother for reaching the milestone twice.

And I’m 85 days away from it​:joy::joy::joy:
A solution to night fall I recently found (, have not tested over myself) is
Ashwini mudra

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Congrats bro
We’re all proud of you

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Actually I do brahmacharyasan for 10 mins daily. This is my recent addition in past 2 weeks.

Will look into this too.

Thanks. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Btw, stay busy. You will reach 90 days soon.

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Thank you so much brother.

@rhybha Congrats bro! I wish for you to make it for years on NoFap! Stay clean, stay sharp! End the bad habit once and for all. Strive for many many more days of a life well lived without this poison…You are amazing!

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Thank you so much bro.

Everyone deserves to be away from this poison unless one chooses.

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