My reason for noFAP

I had a hard no-fap streak of 47 days and a soft one of 54 days in the past. The hard one took a toll on me emotionally and I found difficulty doing it again. Around the time I relapsed I felt like I don’t know why I’m doing this.
I’ve started off another run but this time with focus on healthy lifestyle, working out and picking up girls.

I’m just curious if theres anyone else who is doing it for similar reasons like me.


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Bro I am new here add me 1faa31. We will beat this. I am doing this because i am addicted to porn and masturbation. It has ruined my life and caused major social damage to me. Peace be with you.

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Cool, sent you one, I’m on day 10 at the moment, yourself?

I am currently day 1. But through your company I will feel much relieved and through many others. Glad I found this app. How is day 10 going ?

Actually add this code. I think that one I sent didn’t work. 826714

Today is a bit harder than the last couple of days, I’m trying to focus on other stuff.

When you have urge its good to listen to nice meditation music.

True, but I feel getting busy helps, after all it’s in the mind:)

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