My question to you all pls help

So lets be honest here
I used to fap when I was in maybe 2nd or 3rd class
Yes you saw it right from 2nd Or 3rd class even it can also be earlier.
And main problem is i got addicted to porn when I was in 7th Or 8th class
I was not addicted to porn very much but I was addicted to masturbation very much and then I got addicted to porn in my 9th class.
From that part my life is becoming mess and I m feeling like a loser
And the problem is I m suffering from PE and ED both.
Am I impotent now?
Can I get those hard erections back?
Or is my life is going to be a mess forever like this?
BTW today I completed 90 days today
Pls help and tell me can in how much time i can be normal?

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First of all bro, how old are you right now and what are you doing? I started watching porn when I was in 9th. It ruined my life as I failed in 11th, made wrong decisions and screwed my career. Worst part, I couldn’t feel anything as I was hallucinated. When I gained consciousness it was already too late. So, if you aren’t in that stage yet, hold it and try to be sober so that you can do something good for yourself.
2nd thing, if you’re complaining about premature ejaculations (thats what I infer from PE) , it’d mean you’re having sex with someone thats how you know. Usually both PE and ED ( I’m assuming erectile dysfunction) are curable and can often be even achieved via abstinence, diet and exercises. But since your problem is bad, I’ll advice you to see a doctor. Have faith, you’ll be fine.

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I never had sex
And my age is 20
By masturbation I get orgasm very early that’s how I judged that I have PE and ED and currently I’m in my 2nd year of college


You have no PE and ED bro. Chill.
If you are completed 90days now means surely now you will get hard erections.

As we fap regularly we used to feel like that. Because we give repeated shots. So its normal that it comes in a minute or less. And only liquid comes out. But with little nopmo (just 15days to 30 days) again you are rock at this age.
Dont let your insecurity destroy your 90days streak bro. Just leave it and continue your beautiful journey.

Just go and study,workout,meditate bro.
You are fine.


Bro, actually you cannot say that you have PE just via how fast you reach climax via masturbation. Almost everyone cums much faster during masturbation than during actual sex. Also, even if you don’t believe me, you can overcome PE via some exercises, proper diet and keeping your hands away from your member.
As for ED, a vast number of young males have this condition today and though it can be cured via abstinence, sometimes the condition isn’t easily curable. In that case, you’ll need to visit a doctor, he’ll give you some ointment, probably some machine given how worse the conditions are and will advise you some exercises. And if you happen to go to a doctor, of course you can tell him about your PE problem too and ask for help.
I’m not trying to dishearten you bro, but most of us are not doctors here and I feel that the condition you are in, requires professional help. Take care bro.


Can you just tell me the difference between PE and ED?
Are these same?
Does we get erections in ED just tell me this
Cuz I m able to get erections hard and in masturbation I get orgasm very early like in 20-30 seconds
And I googled it they said that PE and ED are different

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Yes those are different things. PE (Premature ejaculation) is basically dispersal of seminal fluid during sex in much shorter time than normal. ED(erectile dysfunction) is basically not being able to reach full erection while masturbating or having sexual intercourse.


Well yeah there is a big difference in PE and ED

ED- Well is a struggle to get or maintain an erection. In an aroused state you are to get it and maintain it. I have read that you can judge this if you are aroused and can’t put a condom over your penis then have an erection for a 45 sec to 1min to do a sexual act then you might have ED.

Erections very because we can have random erections and some last long and others just briefly and also we have them in our sleep often. The best as I read it to indicate good erectile health is through your morning Wood. If it ain’t firm or don’t get any well then you need to boost testosterone levels.

PE - Haven’t read much in detail about and can’t really reliably tell the average time to be a healthy come time. The site I read about also said the average range is very wide. As some go up to 7 min and the minimum is a minute.

They said it has a lot of factors involved.

-This could be happening quick or slow depending obviously on the stimulation how fast and often a stroke or the intercourse is taking place.

  • Your health also plays a roll obviously. As this influences your hormone levels.

  • Also obviously direct damage down there that caused nerve damage.

-Well, this is caused by nervousness by yourself into doing a sexual act and aswell you have a super sensitive penile head due to too much stimulation.

What should be a warning sign though obviously if you start directly cumming in the start of stimulus. Or if you frequently tend to cum very quick after stimulation. I think 30 sec or under might be a good indication if you really fap slowly.

Yes I said fap, obviously not everyone has a sexual partner and also will be weird to time your sexual intercourse everytime. And also you’ll know in your special way without feeling embarrassed.


For healing on ED and PE…

Well, yes it is possible to heal from both.

-The thing is people say edging is a way to improve your time for PE to go away. It might help sortof yeah in teaching yourself to pinch the semen, but it isn’t good to do it on a regular basis and also you might fall back on your masterbation addiction too.

-So one of the factors I mentioned earlier is a overstimulation of the penis. So the best way to go here is to truely abstain and break all forms of it. So no edging, no masterbation and no sex.

-For both obviously you need to focus on your diet and exercise. Obviously sex and all your tools dowb there is depending on testosterone. It won’t help you abstain but don’t eat or act healthy at all.

Taking in proteins, fats, zinc is some of the main essentials for testosterone production. Some of the superfoods for testosterone production , eggs, fish (oyster high in zinc), avocado, bananas and asparagus.

Now for exercise. Well, they say heavy lifting is the best for us as guys to do for a major increase in testosterone just don’t ego lift and over do it aswell. The body needs rest too! But a 30 min exercise can also help. Doing push-ups hi intensity training .

Also doing cardio once a week is good. The better your cardio health is the more blood can be transported to the penis for your erection. . So do a 30 min to an hours walk/ bicycling is the best and can be done everyday. The longer you walk or stand is best. And to burn fat super good as well I learnt to go for a short 30 sec full out sprints is super good in burning alot of calories as well as boost the bodies fatburning afterwards 3 to 5 reps is the best range.

  • Sleep! SLEEP! Seriously rest is super important to the body! Make sure you have a proper sleeping routine! Also make sure to properly rest 1 day out of the week. Sleep times differ from person to person as some sleep for 5 hours and is 100% refreshed the next day and some needs 8 or 9 hours of sleep.

You can test this easily based of how you feel the next morning. If you can wake up and get up not feeling tired well then you reached your perfect time. Some might get a result in a weeks time and they also suggest to test it over a week were you sleep an x amout of hours a day. Logically if you only slept for an hour or less then you’ll feel tired when you wake up. So try 5 to 8 hours and see how that goes.

Resting also has fat burning aspects as well as good recovery to your overall body and also when exercising to grow and recover muscles quicker !

Well I hope this helped a bit more and sorry for the long ass posts.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!


Thanks to you all guys for help really and honestly speaking this is really helpful for me and thanks for informing me that i m normal​:smile::smile:
Have a nice streak guys
Best of luck

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