💰 My Pledge (a commitment device)

My Pledge



This post serves as my commitment device, stating that I will not pmo for 30 days. If I fail, I will donate (in actual money) to a specific cause that I do not actually support.

However, if I succeed, I get to spend that money on something I truly enjoy.

How it will work

Every number on my streak counter will represent a dollar.

As long as I’m succeeding it will go into the success account - represented by the number next to the green circle :green_circle: 0

But to up the ante, I’d love to have your support in this commitment.

My Backers

You can join as my backer

This means that the number of whatever your current streak is will also be added to the success account. :green_circle: 10

Which will increase my potential reward. :clinking_glasses:

Conversely, if you relapse during the 30 days, whatever your streak was at the time of relapse will be added to the relapse account - represented by the red circle :red_circle: 10

Which will decrease my reward, even if I make the 30 days, but will not cost me actual money, but simply limit the amount I get for staying true to the commitment. :man_shrugging:

And to reiterate, If I relapse, the money in both accounts will be donated to the aforementioned (and for me, unsupportable) cause.

So if you succeed with me, my reward will be greatest. If you fail, my reward will be less. And if I fail, the cost will be greatest of all

Your Motivation

Now I know what you’re thinking, “my. my. my. This whole thing is all about you.” I will fully admit this is an unabashedly selfish endeavor, mainly focused on giving me the challenging smack upside the head that I need

Regardless, your backing will be incredibly motivating, as it will increase the amount of reward and cost of failure at the same time.

So I guess I’m asking for some ultruistic support, and I know of no better place to go for that then here…to you fine fellows. :facepunch:


I used to be fairly active here and made a few challenges back in the day. I truly enjoyed being part of this community and the camaraderie that came with it but eventually, due to no one’s fault but my own, I started experiencing burn out. I was managing too many challenges, all while failing to actually rewire my brain (the whole point of this community).

So I decided a clean internet/digital fast was in order and I forced myself to back away from the forum.

For a while it seemed to work. I began to think I was truly changing. However, sadly, it did not last. I fell back into old patterns…and continued falling.

And so here I am, asking one more time for your support, friends

I don’t plan on starting a bunch of new challenges on this forum again. I know there is always creative fellows doing that for the benefit of the whole community, which is awesome, but for me, I think it best to put those days behind.

That being said, I do feel the need to do something a bit different that can give me extra motivation, support, and a real tangible sting/pain to failure (and with my budget being extra tight these days, this commitment seems the obvious choice).

Final Clarifications

• If you decide to join I will need your sharing code to update the numbers. I will be posting my days here, but as my backer, you don’t have to.

• I won’t be announcing if anyone fails. I will just quietly update your streak on the board and move your amount from the success to relapse account.

• Once you start a new streak, your progress will once again be added to the success account, as long as you don’t break it.

• As a final note, and just for extra clarity, I am the only one here commiting to spend actual money. Your support as my backer is just an interactive way for you to help me by amplifying the reward of success and cost of failure.

Although I hope this responsibilty will be mutually motivating for both of us.

Thanks everyone for your support!

Reward of Success

:green_circle: $185

Cost of Failure

:red_circle: $394

:memo: Signator

:bust_in_silhouette: :moneybag:
@keats 30

:handshake: Backers


I’m all for altruistic motives …count me in homie …
SC - 7otkai
Currently on day 17


Thanks, friend. Will do!


Quite interesting actually :joy:
I will be your backup :muscle: I want to see where this is going.

By the way, I can feel you about “running too many challenges” thing. I also used to run many, helped many people but forgot to help myself. So you can say that we share the same story.

Doing a challenge just for you and others can be part of it, that’s really creative!
I wish you all the best @Keats


Done! And thanks for your support!


Day 1 :white_check_mark:

And right out of the gate there is teeth to this commitment to the tune of $21 thanks to the backing of @lost90, @madara00 and @Binocular.


Woah!!! Welcome back @Keats

I hope you’re doing really well now glad to see you back here buddy! You’re challenges were actually inspiring to me.


Hey @piyushchandak thanks for the warm welcome. Its great to be back!

Glad to hear it, friend.


Count me in as a backer. My sharing code is 33ff84 and current streak is 11 days.
Ka-ching :moneybag:


Thanks @CoffeeMan, things are getting serious!


Day 2 :white_check_mark:

Pledge money now at $32 dollars


Day 3 :white_check_mark:

Pledge money now at $38 dollars


Hello. I’d like to join too.


CS 49 days(50 in about 3 hours)


@basanaruga Welcome to the group!

Great job on 50 days! Thats quite an achievement.

And now, thanks to your contribution, we’re at $90


Day 4 :white_check_mark:

Pledge commtiment now at $93

Good work everyone!


Day 5 :white_check_mark:

Pledge commitment at $99

Getting ready to break into triple digits!


Day 6 :white_check_mark:

Pledge money ay $107 and everyone going strong!


Day 7 :white_check_mark:

Money on the line now $112


Day 8 :white_check_mark:

Money on the line $118


Day 9 :white_check_mark:

Money on the line $122

Keep going strong, friends!