My personal story

Hey everyone, I’m feeling more encouraged than ever and I wanted to write my story!

I’ve been an addict for about 2 years, but did PMO much before that…
My girlfriend and I met about 1 year ago, and sadly I never told her about it…
While we were in a relationship I did NoFap on and off. I would do NoFap for a month or something, and then always come back…
However, I decided It’s time to stop the lies, and take myself seriously.
I revealed my addiction, and she took it very hard. Because she knew what was my opinion about PMO and how much I hated porn.
But, she stayed there for my and supported me as much as she could. Since then I relapsed once, which I was extremely sorry for. And now I’m on an on-going journey. In day 9 of writing this!
It is very hard lately, and I always think about PMO but I try to take it to the positive place as much as I can. Every time I get an urge I try to do something about it. To go to the Rewire Companion App, to watch videos about NoFap, to meditate…
I wish the best to all of you, and if anybody wants to talk and ask for advice I’m here!


Some videos I recommend:
The Matrix (NoFap Motivation)
Brain Training: Stop Watching Porn (TAKE BACK CONTROL!)
And many many more! :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice to hear from you @Deroth !
Glad you have such an amazing and supportive girl friend. She can be your accountability partner if you want.
You go ahead bro. Destroy this addiction.


Yes! I love her very much and she helps me more than anything now!
I also followed you, keep grinding it! I believe in you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks man! Yeah it’s hard after a big streak fall due to chaser effect. But we can do this.
Happy for you man!

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