My partner was convincing me to do

Thank you God, last night I was with my partner and urges were very high, She was convincing me to do and I was almost relapsed but suddenly she told me, okay listen, don’t relapse and It was very difficult for me to change my mind because sex has abundance power.

Now I am happy that I was not relapsed. Thank you God because I am continue to my noFap journey otherwise I have to start from day one.


I’m really sorry to undermine you, @HitMo , but do I understand correctly that you consider sex as relapse?


Is sek a relapse
I need an explanation

oh really sorry… i mean ejaculation… by mistake i used relapsed :sweat_smile::joy:

This clarifies a bit, but not all… So basically were now on the semen retention grounds?

Edit: geez, I wrote on the run and now even I don’t know what I meant…

Edit 2: I deciphered my cryptic message! @HitMo , I’d be happy if you could explain this episode better, because I’m still not getting it…

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