My One month Nofap Journal

Day 1 completed

Feeling Good and motivated cause i want to break my 97 days streak.


Day 3 completed

I have to keep my guards on cause dopamine can be heavy anytime soon

My mind craving for dopamine on day 4 , Imma meditate now for 10 mins

Feeling lack of dopamine, now started reading book , feeling good

Day 5 completed
I am strong cause I don’t waste my seman in toilet
I have all the energy left for my daily routine
My seman is my power :man_in_lotus_position:t2:

Day 6 completed
Working on my dopamine
Every girl on this earth is my sister except my GF/ wife

Day 7 completed
All girls on this earth are my sister’s except my GF/wife

Day 8 completed
Reading discipline related book
All girls on this earth are my sister’s except my GF/ wife
My seman is my power

I watched â– â– â– â–  but never touched my dick and I am not gonna watch it again
Cause it day 8
And all girls are my sister’s
It was mistake but I am glad i didn’t fapped
I am sleeping now

I respect everyone cause Karma watching you
Love every being on this planet cause we all are one no matter in which body we are

I am also starting my day 1

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Day 9 completed
My seman is my power
Every girl is my sister except my GF or Wife
Universe is my love
Nothing is permanent
Don’t move your hand when thinking about Faping

I relapsed again but I am think I will complete October November December month easily without PMO
So starting from today

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