My NoFap Challenge

Hello guys! I find about NoFap and hope its not too late! PMO really destroys my life but I didnt realize it till now. Im in depression for a long time, now im 25 and I hope this challenge will make me feel better.Im on a day 3 of my streak, its really hard but I wont give up, its the only way to get out of this hole!


Good luck for your journey bro. We can make it. Believe in yourself.

Always keep challenging yourself , it will make you stronger day by day :muscle: @sk1llet

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Its day 6th here.Last night was tough, it was hard to fall asleep.Wild thoughts got me erected then I started to imagine some horrible pictures in my mind and that actually helped and I didnt relapse which I could never done before.Thank you guys for your support too, it really matters!

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