My month in review

There are 2 days left to the month.

Including today, I relapsed 12 times this month.

No Nut November didn’t end up that way for me.

I would like some opinions on my 12 times. Is it bad or is it ok.

I am recording this statistic because I want to compare to future months.


It’s good your monitoring the relapsed times also moniter the situations when you relapsed

Moniter what happened before you relapsed what triggered it and what were you doing few days before cause sometimes before the actual relapse a mental relapse happens few days before or sometime before

Eg were you watching any adult content or a any specific pattern of behavior that was common which lead to a relapse with this ull be able to understand why you mostly relapse after understanding you can start avoiding that process of relapse

For example a guy gets drunk after coming home drunk he has a habit of watching Instagram reels he is following lot a girls on insta so he ends up watching triggering content so next day when he is alone home and lil hungover he ends up fapping so in this case guys triggers where getting drunk and watching insta and being alone he needs to avoid this situation to come again and make required changes like not getting drunk unfolloing triggering pages on social media or avoid it completely and try not be be alone or if alone find different activities then the ones that can trigger his addict inside him



Let me give you my experiences. They are repetitive to my relapses, so it may look like I haven’t learned from my experiences.

Ok, here is the reason for most of my relapses:

  1. A feeling or thought comes over me and it isn’t always related to PMO. Like today, I relapsed because I had a feeling of anxiety.

  2. The feeling or thought then leads me to go to my smartphone and look up content that causes relapse.

  3. I relapse. At this point, I clean myself up and reset my streak. I have either shame or mixed emotions at this point and deal with this for a few hours.

  4. Day 0 to Day 1: I start to recover. Sometimes I feel neutral or excited to make a better streak.

  5. Day 1 to Day 2: I start to feel neutral and nothing. No emotions like a robot. Feelings of nothing matters.

  6. Day 2 to Day 3: I am prone to relapse here. The thought or feeling a.k.a. URGE, returns to attack. Rarely do I win, mostly fail at this point.

Any thoughts @totto_rewire ?


Try this first if you have any adult content and i mean any it could be anything

Like social media pages - insta ,Facebook unfollow it

then if possible uninstall the apps for now

delete any kind of media that can trigger once I was reading Kindle and saw a adult magazine and relapsed

I don’t use Kindle anymore

i have also unfriend all unknown girls I was friends with on Facebook only cause I sent them a request cause I found their pictures hot and they accepted

out of sight is out of mind

When urge hits
try doing something else that you like which is productive reading ,writing ,going for a run- phisical activity is preferable go meet a friend if still urges are strong

try taking a cold shower works wonders for me

Also always keep in mind the urges are temporary they pass we think once a urge hits we have to act that’s not necessary

always remember you don’t need to act let it come and go try to avoid it once you face it

don’t keep dwelling over the thought that the urge is here now what to do try to deflect your thoughts

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