My Longest Streak experiences

My longest streak was of 31 days. I achieved it in middle of 2017.
I had a lot of sex during this streak but not ejaculated. So it was a normal mode no pmo no fap you can say kind of thing.
I had done a total hard mode streak previously which was of 30 days.
First longest streak of mine was of 17 days hard mode. It was the streak in which 1st time in my life i experienced wet dream. It was on 17th day after which i masturbated.
My 30 day hard mode streak came to an end after a series of restless nights in which falling sleep was to hard. So much energy. 30th night rubbed my penis against bed sheet and fantasize and ejaculated.
The longest streak of 31 days was the best time of my life.
I begin running during this morning and evening for the first time in my life. I did also some excercises in evening. I was very social. I was very confident. It was magic.
I did sex whole night without tiring. So much energy that i had sex 4 hours continously without ejaculating.
I did sex on a regular basis from 15 to 22 days mark but i recommend not to have sex like me . Give it a break because my penis was sore after a week of so much sex and had to go to doctor.

Physicaly, mentaly it was magic.
So much focus during studies like albert einstein.
Now how it all ended ?
Heres how
Edging . Yes edging is the reason. I was continously edging on 28 to 31 day mark. I typed on youtube search how to achieve orgasm without jerking off. And the counting begin until i relapsed.
My second mistake was so much sex.
It keeps me in a cycle of edging.
So now i have this all experience it can help not only me but all of you guys.
Remember sleepless nights are only because we are not spending our energy during the day. We must work our asses off.
Second thing is wet dream. Wet dream is completly healthy and normal. It is a outlet to let go all sexual tension. So dont think that its a relapse.
Third thing is dont edge. Edging means watching sexy pics or videos or reading erotic stories. The things which bring fire to your meat includes in edging.
So here is all the knowledge for us all to achieve a 90 day reboot. Lets do it.


Good stuff ! Thanks for encouraging us . But Brother sorry to say how can it possible continues 4 hours sex without ejucalated ?

bro u’re our indian Johnny sins

Bro. It is possible . You can try yourself after 2 weeks of hard mode no pmo.
It requires only discipiline which will automaticaly come once you are on this journey.
Not just 4 hours you can do sex whole night.
Its just so much control you get over your senses while doing it plus the energy is so which enables to do so.

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Thanking you brother for telling about the power of hard mode . Before I did not know about the value of hard mode . I will keep myself on hard mode next 90 days . I also want to see it’s mircal .

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Thanks i was also finding trouble to sleep thanks again encouragement

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Yours welcome ravitej