My last try of no fap

Day 1
I just relpased late in late night so I took promise
Promise 1
Never be awake late night
Yes I am here again after so many days
I am going to make 1000 days
Now I m gonna start my studies seriously like hell
Give me suggestion how to be consistent

Day 2
Today when I started revising my subject
It seems my memory of that topic is absent
I know it’s due to mastuburation my memory is weak
And if I will do fap my memory will be more destroyed
My memory and state of mind was good
But now
I am feeling sad for myself that I degraded myself and I am enemy of my life

Plzz guys help me on memory !
How can I improve my memory
Will my memory power restore by doing no fap ???
Plzz help and thanks to you guys u helped me a lot

Note- sorry for language error guys

Day 3
I was about to fap but I stopped myself and I did pressed panic button on this app and listened to sound over 10 mins (which is available in urge section)
And I did came over and that state of emotions
Yes I successfully completed my day 3


Start small… Increase gradually.
Study at same time everyday. Make a habit of it.
Remember to not overstudy in motivation. Relax.


Go ahead you will flame on :fire::muscle:
Feel proud about what you believe , plan for your time studies …
Focus in everything even your breaks (what you have to quit because when you will come back after you will lose your interest )
No facebook … any social media
Try to focus on motivation or learning something new (even it’s not realted about your studies )

Your bottle of water
Believe in yourself .