My journey to new life ( ishq - e - upsc )

From today onwards i will share my journey.
Everyday i will write posts here.


Today I have created a timetable for myself.
14 th April 2022


  1. Wake up : 6AM
  2. Sleep time : 10 PM
  3. Study : 6 hrs daily
  5. Warm water empty stomach
  6. Yoga + exercise
  7. Prayer
  8. No junk food at all
  9. No phone between
    6am to 12 PM
    8 PM to. 6 am
    10 . Daily posts in rewire companion
  10. Daily motivation on no fap on YouTube
  11. Daily diary writing in forum

Great man, lets become companions! I ll take up your habits too and I ll write you every day if I managed to keep myself accountable. Lets goooo!!!

Offcourse bro u r welcome

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I woke up at 6 bro haha Im beat up. I ll do some exercise

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Today woke up at 7 am did exercise + drank warm water + did prayers and studied til 11 am
But urges are very high i don’t know why . I am not able to concentrate on my studies . My mind is making its own erotic scenes and stories.

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Stay focused, you can do it!

Thnx bro. Will definitely win this time

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I managed to pull through today. Im feeling sick, I ll go to bed now at 10pm like it says in your habits. Lets see if I manage to get up at 6 tomorrow man :slight_smile: I add your warm water routine too

Today 18 th April 2022
I studied but not that much how much was required. Yesterday night I watched porn and edged . In the day i was motivated but in the afternoon watched again and in the evening again.
I even masturbate but did not ejaculate.
I was on day 3 of hard mode and day 15 of normal.mode .
But i was feeling depressed , anxiety , sad and lonely.
But now I am fine i have even motivation to study .
I exercise regularly , drink water .
But two things which i am not able to follow are :

  1. Wake up at 6 am
  2. Stop phone usage after going to bed .
    I have to work upon that now.

you can do it! :smiley: Go to bed early today :smiley: