My Journey to find my True Hidden Potential- TheRewireUser123's Diary

I’ve tried to stop myself lot of times but wasn’t successful but I think subconsciously I always had a doubt that the negative effects are just myths and this is just how humans work biologically which led to me not giving my complete effort to replace my bad habits.

Although the effects of it still may be under debate or controversy , I am sure everyone here on this forum will agree that it affects you and definitely not in a way you would have imagined your life to be.

I know deep down I can do better in multiple aspects of my life but I have always let go and found fault in everything else and blamed my environment and the world to why things turned out the way they did.

I believe it isn’t restricting yourself from doing it but it is to free yourself from the chains that hold you back.
I believe it is not to stop yourself from these bad habits but to start to re discover your true self
I believe it is time to find my true…

I am going to write my journey here , please do support.


glad you came here my dude.


I relapsed today and I feel really bad about it :frowning: but I won’t stop I will succeed my target is 1 week now.