My journey starting today

  • How long have you been trying nofap?
    Today is my first day
  • Did something change during this time, which is relevant for your current problem?
    I just have been doing it everyday and I am still a teen so I know I can turn it around but I need to know how
  • What is the problem you need help with?
    Turning everyday masturbation into a 3 - 4 month thing
  • In which situations does the problem occur?
    Literally everyday and today im taking a stand
  • What did you already try?
    I haven’t seriously committed before so I tried just not touching it but that obvious didn’t work.

Really I’m just searching for mentors to help me and maybe I can help you in a way as well. I need guidance. If you can personally message me I can tell you more abt myself (and no I’m not an 100 pound white kid who is addicted). But yes I seek guidance and help from others that have been in my situation so i don’t go down as a 20 year old that addicted m


Hello man, welcome to our community.

I’ve made it a task/habit to document pieces of advice or “wisdom” that have helped me on this journey and you can find it all here:

Besides that, I think there are some other great sources to begin this journey. I recommend a podcast called “Pornfreeradio”, see here:

also, this e-book:

There are of course other great sources. Have a look around, try to find out why you want to do this in the first place and learn more about yourself in the process.

Take care.

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Since, you need help with it, it is not a “completely” pleasurable activity now.
It is a habit for you now or worse an addiction ( in very early stage). Whatever it is a habit or an addiction breaking of its cycle starts with will to break it. Congratulations you have already cleared step 1.

To break a habit you have to first consciously avoid doing it for the first 21 days. After your subconscious mind starts doing it automatically. Use music, breathing exercises, cold showers(when urge hits), avoid stimulation from screens to turn away from it.

Develop a hobby or focus on studies, or do social work, etc. To distract yourself from it. And explore the world around you. If you need any further help contact me.

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